Tuesday 17 January 2023

What's In My Bag - Tech Bag 2022 - ZERO BUDGET BACKPACK (FREE)

Hi Guys,

I am in pursuit of a tech bag since the beginning of school and college. I have been a fan of stationery products that are unique as well as collecting pens that are unique be it a fountain or gel pens. I also love collecting small stuff that is not available to the general public unless it gets printed by the brands to give away in their contests or launch event goodie bags. 

I am also a big fan of participating in online contests be it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Sooner or later, I do win some of them from time to time. There was a time when I used to participate in 100s of them weekly and will win at least 15-20 of them in my best weeks. There was also a time when I didn't win any for continuous 3 months also without any change in my efforts to participate. 

All the items showcased here in my video are collected over several years and let's analyze what constitutes a tech backpack and how you can make it too! 

1. Bag Pack - It can be anything that can take all your stuff inside and can provide easy access to carry all the necessities. I got this Thule Achiever Backpack at one of the events and since then it's been my top choice. I have got others backpacks but those are cheap quality bags given at many launch events. None of them will last as long as this Thule one. Some people also use Targus or Dell laptop bags as their tech bags which is also good. I used Google bag (extensively in London and South Africa) for a lot of many years before switching to a Converse Messenger Bag. I used both for so many years depending on where I am going. Converse Messenger Bag I still use to keep all my original documents. Later for 3-4 years, I used a Dell backpack which came with the office laptop and now recently last year I moved to this Thule Achiever backpack that came along with the white t-shirt I am wearing in the initial part of the video and some other things in Telkom Music event. 

The purpose of the bag is to provide a transportation mechanism for all your gadgets safely. Secondly, it can give you some space to put in extra things you want to carry from time to time. Thirdly, the pockets should be easily accessible but not so open that anyone can take stuff out if I am sleeping while using public transport. 

2. Laptop/Tablet - I only have an ASUS VivoBook S15 that I won from an Instagram contest by the brand way back in 2019. I upgraded the same with a 1TB SSD which made it really fast to boot and process the videos I am editing on Filmora software. I have never won a tablet so not considering the same for this zero-budget backpack. 

3. Camera - For a life of a YouTuber or Blogger, a camera is a necessity. You can also use the best of the iPhones or Samsung Ultra devices in case you have them but I don't have them so I am carrying Canon 77D in my tech bag. This camera is super powerful for all kinds of videos and photos. I won this in 2018 from an Instagram meet. Since that time this has been my go-to camera. 

4. SD Cards - Canon provided 32GB cards at one of their roadshows to all participants that I use in my camera along with an SD card reader at one of their previous roadshows. I also got a cleaning cloth and a diary pen combo that's also part of the roadshows and all this is totally free of cost. 

What's In My Bag - Tech Bag 2022 - ZERO BUDGET BACKPACK (FREE)

5. Tripods - I got some tripods from several events (Huawei, Canon etc) that are used to carry the phone or the camera in case required with the latest one from Nikon and the same they were selling at their shop for R10 also. 

6. Travel Kit - I got a travel kit bag from DJI Global when they launched DJI Mavic Mini and since then I keep all my cables, pen drives etc in the bag. All cables came free with smartphones I use and pen drives were also part of the launch event goodies. 

7. Pens and Notepads - I use some pens that can write smoothly with fine tips so anytime I attend any conference, I get to see a wide variety of pens - plastic, metal and unique ones so the one that catches my attention I use for some time. I totally love my Emirates, Ster Kinekor Prestige and Singapore Airlines pens. I am using the Payflex notepad for Bullet journalling that I got from the Money/eCommerce Expo last year. And remember, if this is your very first time using Payflex to shop, use coupon code PAYSMART100 in the Payflex checkout for R100 off when you spend R600 or more.

The purpose of the pens and notebooks is to doodle and think and write ideas on the go. I totally write down all the tasks pending on me in a small journal and then strike off once I complete them. 

8. Earphones/Headphones - I use wired Beats Solo HD headphones that I received long back and Huawei FreeLace which I also got at one of their launch events. Recently I received VIVO TWS Air wireless earphones that I am using as I have passed my Huawei FreeBuds4i to my daughter. Very soon I am moving to the Nokia Essential Headphones as they are more comfortable and packed in their own bag to have both wires and a wireless experience. All these items are trade exchanges or won from the contests or from goodies bags so totally free of cost. 

9. Powerbanks - I am using a Huawei 20000mAh power bank that I received when they launched the Sandton City store last year. Earlier I was using Samsung Powerbank 8400mAh that I received at the launch event of the Samsung Galaxy S6. 

10. Portable Hard Disk - I use this Adata HD710 Pro 1 TB that I won at the rAge Expo way back in 2017. I also bought Seagate SSD for which I won ZAR 2000 gift voucher but I paid over and above that ZAR 300 so didn't include it in this zero-budget backpack. 

11. Smartphones - I use Samsung smartphones as I won Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 when it was launched in South Africa during the launch event itself so that's my day-to-day smartphone of choice since that time. I also got a ZAR 1000 voucher that I spent on buying the Leather cover for the same. I also use Samsung Note 20 5G phone that I also won during the previous launch events and has been my companion since then. The cover for the same I bought using the gift vouchers for takealot that you can earn if you have an FNB credit card and eBucks. 

12. Smart Watch - I use Huawei Watch GT2e as I received the same during the 2021 Christmas gift they sent me. I have covered 1000 km in 2022 using the same device. 

13. Water bottles - I have multiple water bottles that I received from various brands but my mom also likes them so I generally give them away to her. My Telkom Music waterbottle I kept it in case so that I can give it to her. I have received a water bottle from YouTube Shorts that is going to be my daily drinking partner. 

14. Lip Balms and Lotions - These are from the travel kits that they give you when you travel in business class or when you go to any hotel. I use those ones till they are finished and keep other ones if required thereafter. 

15. MP3 Player - The only Apple item in my backpack is iPod Shuffle which has been with me since the start and is now around 12 years. I won one in London from McDonald's contest in 2011. 

Let me know if you liked my video and if any items I have missed packing and showing you in my backpack. Let me know if you are building your backpack as well and what all times form part of the same. 


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