Saturday 14 March 2015

Life is only fun, when we are TOGETHER!

Hi Guys,

Our life is a journey which we can’t travel alone. We need people to come into our lives from time to time and be with us for some of the journey. I was born in a joint family so was always surrounded by grandparents, uncle, aunts and a lot of kids. I was the eldest son of the family so I was the leader of the young force at our home. It was always my responsibility to take care of them and to save them from other kids who tries to beat them or make fun of them.

My optimism and togetherness story is about the time when I was married and had a 6  months old daughter. It was the time when I had huge debt on my shoulders because of our MBA education loan and also my wife was not working at that time due to kid. My wife got job after some time and I was offered onsite to London and my daughter was 10 months old at that time. I had to leave for London alone as my wife just got job of her choice after a span of 2.5 years and didn’t wanted to let it go because of our financial obligations. I waited for more than 7 months to see both of them as I could only get holidays at that time and came back to India for Holi festival. I also wanted to get them their visas etc but there was a lot of documentation that needed to be taken and submitted. I tried to complete all formalities and came back to London. From that day onwards, I kept waiting for them to come to me and it took them another 4 months before they landed on Heathrow Airport in London.

Thank Lord, it gave me strength and took away all my depression and stress. I was so happy to see them again and show them around the city. Those moments of celebrations were extended when my daughter started speaking there as well as my birthday came also. Some part of the city I only thought of visiting with my family and as soon as they came for 23 days, I planned for all the outings while continuing office work also. My wife and kid used to board a tube to Central London and used to come to my office during evening so that we can be together for some time and can also see some of the landmark buildings and locations. Those days really helped me come out of all my tensions and reconnect with my family and daughter. I keep checking some of the moments captured via camera and handycam to enjoy and relive that time.Here is one of the pics from that time! :-)
Our life is only wonderful if we are together or if we are with someone who loves and takes care of us. Life is great with companions and family and is to be lived for those who want to be with you always. It’s during those times when you can’t access your friends and family in person, you come to know how much you miss them? I had my share of tears when I was staying all alone and it’s a part and parcel of my life. But being together – it all starts from the house we call home check out these humble adobes which can change your life forever!