Sunday 8 March 2015

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Hi Guys,

We live on hopes and aspirations; it’s that positivity which keeps us going to achieve whatever we want to. We all want the best for ourselves and to make these dreams a reality we need to constantly work towards them. Optimism has much more power than any other thing in the world. It gives you a lot of passion to easily overcome all fears and limiting thoughts to come out on top.

There are always some great things happening in our life which keeps our hopes hanging in there. It’s only at the time of distress we want something to keep us going. It’s during those moments that something lifts us up to make the journey easier. I too have many stories of Optimism from my life which brought the necessary power during those times to get it through.

My story happened at the time when I was in Class 12th and wanted to sit for the Engineering entrance exams. I was not much aware about the exams and was only preparing to pass the class 12th exam. As thought of I was not able to clear the entrance exam. The next step of action was to be aware about all the courses which can offer me help to clear the exam. I started watching all the advertisements in all the newspapers and came to Delhi from my home town. I went and checked some of the coaching institutes and found out one of the chosen ones near my relatives home. During that time in 1996, the Kota effect was not there and only some institutes in Delhi used to offer coaching for engineering students.

I took admission to the coaching institute and started living in Delhi. I was shifted to main centre of the institute and was travelling in Blue lines buses for the first time. The earlier institute center used to have their bus drop service available. It was a sudden change in my life as I never used to remember the route and always was travelling to unknown places in the city. Sometimes to reach class on time and missing the intended bus, I used to break the routes.

It was hectic but I stayed optimistic that I will be able to clear the exam. It looked like I was studying the class for the first time as the teachers were very great at the institute. I did whatever I could to clear the exam and always kept hope. I lost both of my maternal grandparents during that year and it was really sad. But one day, soon after their death they came to my dreams and my grandmother took me to one room full of new clothes and asked me to choose whichever I want to wear. She also offered me in a new jacket and it was so enriching experience and gave me a hope that elders blessings are with me now.

It was that dream which really gave me a lot of hope and set the future clear for me. I did my engineering and learned a lot during that one year in Delhi which helped me in my journey of life from time to time. I have so many moments to cherish from that period of my life.

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