Saturday 21 March 2015

#MakeitHappen - Resolutions South Africans made!

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This year, a staggering 91% of South Africans made a New Year’s resolutions. According to a survey commissioned by Microsoft South Africa, and carried out by Columinate, the number one reason for not sticking to a New Year’s resolution is lack of motivation (50%), followed by not having enough time (33%) and lack of support (22%).

In 2015, South Africa has money on its mind, with 60% of all resolutions made relating to finances, specifically spending less and saving more – which should please the Minister of Finance. This beats out regular New Year’s resolution chart-topper: weight-loss.

How many resolutions does the average South African make every year? According to the survey results: 8% only made one resolution, 29% made 2 – 4 resolutions, 50% made 5 – 10 resolutions, and 13% made more than 10.

Do you recognize some of these resolutions:

· Eat healthier (listed by 48% of respondents)
· Be a better person (34%)
· Get a better job (33%)
· Spend more time with my family (26%)
· Buy a house (20%)
· Finish that degree (17%)
· Quit smoking (14%)
· Do more charity work (11%)


How to make a resolution stick -

Whatever your resolution, it’s sticking to it that proves a challenge for everyone. The question is how to fix this? Support from family helps said 48% of those surveyed, as well as support from friends, said a further 29%.

Another factor that helps you achieve the goals you set for yourself is tracking your progress. The most popular ways to do this is using a calendar, a to do list and a journal. Overall, 79% respondents agreed that it would be ideal to use technology – like a smartphone app – to help you measure your progress towards your goal.

With this in mind, Microsoft Lumia has launched the #MakeItHappen campaign. It’s goodbye flakey New Year’s resolutions and hello to making a pledge that shows results. Lumia fans are encouraged to enter their pledge at, and set a target date by which they aim to achieve their goal. Once completed, you upload a photo or video as proof of completion. You can share your progress online with the #MakeItHappen hashtag, and check out what other people are pledging, as well as completed pledges. You are encouraged to set tangible goals, paired with a sense of community, and powered by technology and Microsoft Lumia.

The infographic that condenses the findings of the survey on South Africa’s New Year’s resolutions can give you more insights into your habits.


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