Sunday 29 March 2015

Product Review - HUAWEI Mobile WiFi E5220

Hi Guys,

Internet is what keeps us connected and data is what we are paying for to the telecom companies to stay connected. Smartphones are capable these days with Dual SIM to keep you connected to calls as well as data bundles. I am still using a single SIM mobile phone and data bundles along with calls is very expensive package. I bought only data bundle deal and was searching for something to convert that SIM card to wifi connection. I was using my old Nexus One mobile phone as a portable hotspot but with change to a particular telecom connection, it stopped working as one.
I bought Huawei Mobile WiFi E5220 and was very much impressed by the device. The device was easy to setup and takes your regular SIM to connect to your telecom provider. E5220 comes in white and black colors and is less than 30gm in weight. The package contains the main device, rechargeable battery (1150mAh), USB cable to charge the device. You can also use your mini-USB cable to charge the device.
Huawei E5220 can connect upto 10 Wi-Fi enabled connections at the same time with devices like tablets, smartphones, laptop and every device which has wifi receiver built into it. LED light display gives you information about the device in use and connection range just like mobile bars. The device can be switched on from the power button on the front of the device. The battery is replaceable and gives upto 4 hours of continuous wifi connection. On my regular usage after using it for 4 months, the battery life has decreased to about 2-3 hours on continuous switched ON. Also sometimes the device hangs and can't be switched on-off then you need to remove the battery and restart the device for a stable connection.
The best part is that it can be carried anywhere in your pockets and stay always connected to the internet upto the speed of HSDPA 21.6Mbps/HSUPA 5.76Mbps. The device has internal antenna but sometimes in the basement floors or parking, it doesn't work on the same network based on your telecom providers range. The LED indicators are for Signal, Wi-Fi, Battery and Messages. Signal strength is shown by Green, orange and Red in decreasing order of reception. Battery strength is shown as Green, Blinking Green (charging) and Red as low battery.
The wifi device has the same password which is written on the inside of the back cover and can be shared with your family easily. But there is a process to change the same in case someone is using or abusing your expensive data connection. Go to the web management page ( and you can change your SSID and wireless network encryption key using the username and password as admin. Huawei has a Mobile Wifi app also which can control various settings related  to the actual device like battery power remaining, SMS and various other reports on data consumed etc. The device has a RESET button to restore it to factory default settings.

Overall, this is a great device which you can get in the market for around Rs 2500-3000 or R700-800 and it will serve  you well for connecting all your wifi devices to internet. 


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