Tuesday 10 March 2015

Starting a New Life with Constant Change!

Hi Guys, 

As they say change is inevitable and to remain in perfect working condition all the time, we constantly need to strive hard towards accepting change in our life from time to time. We are so much comfortable in our comfort zones and don’t want anything to change around us. With the globalization and localization of markets, economies around us are changing all the time. What was popular in the market earlier is now outdated! Technology is making this possible to constantly perform better than before and be the best you can be.

I was constantly glued to the mentality of staying in my comfort zone since school and it was so difficult to me even when I changed schools during my metric and senior secondary classes. I loved meeting new people but then it was always so difficult to build friendships as it takes time to touch each other’s hearts.

It was a huge change of mindset as well as personality when I first came to New Delhi to prepare for the engineering entrance exams way back in 1996. It was the first time I had to stay outside of my home for more than 8 months and I only visited my home twice at most. The people and the places in Delhi are not my own and I never knew then earlier. I was always lost in the crowd and sometimes took the wrong buses to my destination. It all made me learn more about the city and the culture of our national capital. I was able to learn something new every day which made me more extroverts and I could now talk to random people freely. I made new friends which helped me to keep focused on studies and learn about the city.

The skills that I learned in the capital city helped me throughout my studies and life in Engineering and afterwards also. I did a CDAC course as I was unable to get a job of my choice and never wanted to be a Lecturer at that start of my career. It definitely impacted me a lot and I lost around 2 years of my life without any job. I was depressed as I went through 100 job interviews with no success at all. Then again it was the moment of change for me as I started my career after two years of engineering in a school as a computer teacher with salary just equivalent to what my parents used to give me as a pocket money. The moment definitely brought huge change in my life as it took me out of my depression as I met new people every day and it made me happy as I was working finally.

From that day onwards, I kept myself in check to keep changing from time to time to be the best in everything I do and learn. I changed many places, many houses, and many cities and met many people from time to time of my life and always it inspired me, taught me and made me a great human being. Check out https://housing.com/ for how you can bring change in your life by changing places.