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Stationery Review 17: Parker Quink Blue Fountain Pen Ink (57ml) for ZAR 50

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Parker Pens have been my favourite since time immemorial and I still remember that I won one Parket Beta in my favourite Yellow Colour from a contest in Saket, New Delhi from NIIT. That was a ball pen and it really glued me to the Parker quality. Thereafter I bought many Parker Rollerball pens and also some fountain pens. Overall, I had 3 Parker Vector Fountain Pens in three body colours that I really loved. They all had ink converters inside of them and also I got some ink cartridges as well. 

As I was randomly visiting the CNA store in Sandton City, which is now closed as well permanently, I found this Parker ink going for sale from its market price of ZAR 150 to ZAR 50 at a 67% discount. I immediately thought of buying the same. Once the ink entered my home, it took me around 4 years to finish the 57ml Blue Ink bottle. The next one I bought I got for ZAR 75 at a 50% discount again. 

Till that time I only had some fountain pens and not like today when I have a lot in my collection, so I can say this ink brought a lot of pens into my life and took away a lot of my hard-earned money. Coming back to the colour of the ink, Parker Quink Blue is a different kind of blue, it's dark and has a little bit of red sheen. It's not a brilliant blue or sky blue kind of colour but much darker than that. It doesn't match with any of the other blue inks I have in my arsenal. It's a totally unique ink that can get you started in the fountain pen world. I have filled so many pages of journalling with this ink. I feel like it's a mixture of grey ink mixed with blue colour as it's not darker on the paper. Overall, this is the biggest amount of ink I have used as an adult so I will definitely love my first love but you can decide on your first ink with your first fountain pen for sure. 

I have not tested the Parker Quink Ink in Black Colour as yet because they never go on sale, I don't know why and I am sure not I am not going to buy it as well as I have Noodler's Black Bulletproof ink as well along with Camlin Syah Black, Montblanc Mystery Black and Lamy T52 Black ink bottle. 
Stationery Review 17: Parker Quink Blue Fountain Pen Ink (57ml) for ZAR 50
Thanks to CNA Africa Sandton City Store for the annual sale, I got this ink for only ZAR 50 for a 57ml bottle. I will also finish the first bottle of fountain pen ink used or consumed to write using the Parker Fountain Pens. Thanks and enjoy the video. 
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