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Stationery Review 15: Montblanc Irish Green Fountain Pen Ink (60ml) ZAR 150 (Used)

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Montblanc is a brand you aspire to in your hands or pockets. To own Montblanc products, it definitely needs big pockets or a lot of savings and the capability to put some money in exchange for their products. What I found out is that you can own some Montblanc Fountain Pen Inks as they have the lowest starting price as compared to the rest of their items even diaries and journals. I wanted to try their inks and found these inks at Facebook Marketplace going for around ZAR 350. Even if the inks were not full, then I should also buy them as the new bottle of ink is around ZAR 500 for a 60ml bottle in the store. The ink cartridges are only ZAR 160 which you can get from the Montblanc Store. 

Returning to this Irish Green Ink, this one is more of a dark green ink which seems like mixed with black as the wetter portions have darker shades of green. The writing using this ink is great on paper and legible due to its darker shading. I really loved this green colour and the ink swabs etc look fabulous as there is a black sheen on this ink as well. 

If I compare this ink with Lamy T52 Green, the Irish Green is much darker, and Lamy Green is lighter in colour. The flow of my particular ink bottle was a little bit sticky, whereas Lamy T52 has a good flow of ink. Overall, this is a great ink to introduce yourself to the Montblanc series of inks for their fountain pens which they highly recommend should not be used in any other pens. This was told to me by the sales executive at the Sandton City Store in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

This particular bottle has some kind of problems as well where the ink has turned into more like a sticky ink. In the pens where I used this ink, there is a problem with clogging all the time in the feed. Either I need to put some distilled water to make it a little watery or there is ink mould inside the ink that grew because of not using it for a longer duration of time and the space where it was kept as well. 

I did try to put it under sunlight but I don't think it helped make it watery and reduce the mould or the bacteria. I have not used it after discarding the 2 fountain pens I used it in. Now in one of them bought from Ali Express named Yiren 401 (replica of Lamy Safari Vista), I have used Organic Studio's Nitrogen Royal Blue because that's a stronger ink and overpowered the Irish Green on the feed. The other pen Parker Frontier I have washed and kept in my fountain pen museum waiting for a video to be made on the same. I have not filled the same with any other ink as yet. 
Stationery Review 15: MontBlanc Irish Green Fountain Pen Ink (60ml) ZAR 150 (Used)
Thanks to Uncle Derek and his daughter for passing on his legacy of Mont Blanc Inks as well as some of the fountain pens which will be revealed in separate videos. Check out this Mont Blanc Irish Green 60ml Ink bottle and the ink swatch. Slowly we are creating a nice booklet where ink comparison will become easier and more interesting. I have compared the same ink with the Lamy T52 Green ink I own too.
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