Tuesday 26 March 2024

Stationery Review 51: Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo Fountain Pen Ink (50ml) for ZAR 525

Hi Guys,

I bought my most expensive fountain pen ink from Pilot iroshizuku range of inks from the Stationery & Print shop in Sandton city for ZAR 525 only. The ink is nice if you are looking for Magenta, a combination of pinkish-purplish-red. The price of this ink keeps on changing and currently hanging around ZAR 640 for a 50ml bottle. 

On the RGB and CMY colour models, it is the colour between red and blue. I loved this colour and this is one of the best inks in the Pilot Iroshizuku range.

The packaging looks really premium as per the price of the ink. The bottle is really slim and unique and looks great on your desk. Pilot Inks are really premium quality inks. 
Stationery Review 51: Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo Fountain Pen Ink (50ml) for ZAR 525
I will definitely buy some more inks in 20ml bottles that will really be helpful as compared to these bigger 50ml ones. 

If you look at the colour of the ink on the paper, you will feel that this is a darker pink kind of colour. If I put some distilled water into this ink, it will turn into a pink colour for sure. I am going to buy distilled water to make some of the darker shades lighter. I really love this colour as it's magenta colour and really looks great on the paper. I have been using this ink daily. I am considering this ink for the most expensive fountain pen I have bought recently. 

Link to video - https://youtu.be/Xi10ks5hav0 - Your Views Are My Only Blessings!

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