Wednesday 6 March 2024

Stationery Review 16: Montblanc Mystery Black Fountain Pen Ink (60ml) ZAR 200 (Used)

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I really loved the bottle of Montblanc 60ml glass ink bottles. The design is really different from all the fountain pen inks available around the globe. It does look really cool on your desk. I got two ink bottles from Facebook Marketplace for ZAR 200 in this Mystery Black colour. One was really new and another one was almost at the finish line which came complementary. I have not mixed both the inks due to their age and using them separately and then I can use the empty ink bottle to create an ink colour of my own. The new ink bottle is priced at ZAR 500 at the Montblanc showroom in Sandton City. 

Montblanc Mystery Black is really a dark black coloured ink. There is no grey portion in the same. As I see a lot of black ink swabs in my ink manual, I can see there is a clear colour difference between all the black inks. This Montblanc Mystery Black has some kind of brilliance to the same and it really shines on paper. There is no sheen or shimmer in this ink. Lamy T52 Black comes closer to the same but has a lot of grey in the normal writing zones. Camlin Syah Black and Lamy T53 Agate are more grey as compared to this one. If I compare the same with the Noodler's Bulletproof Black ink, then this ink also looks light in black colour. I don't think comparing this ink with Noodler's ink will be a bit of good advice. 

I think you should collect inks based on what kind of bottle inks are coming in. The colour of ink is available from every brand and they do have unique glass bottles that I still need in my life. I love the Ferris Wheel ink bottle, Diamine, Twsbi, Endless, Urushi India and many more that I still need to collect. 
Stationery Review 16: Montblanc Mystery Black Fountain Pen Ink (60ml) ZAR 200 (Used)
Thanks to Uncle Derek and his daughter for passing on his legacy of Montblanc Inks as well as some of the fountain pens which will be revealed in separate videos. Check out this Montblanc Mystery Black 60ml Ink bottle and the ink swatch. Slowly we are creating a nice booklet where ink comparison will become easier and more interesting. I have compared the same ink with other black inks I own. Thanks for watching! Aashish 
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