Saturday 23 March 2024

Stationery Review 45: Snowhite T17 Roller Ball Pen (0.55mm)

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Snowhite has a huge range of products in writing instruments along with Free Ink System Roller Pens and Fountain Pens meaning that these are disposable pens. They start from 20 cents or so when you buy them in bulk from the manufacturer. Snowhite also sells highlighters, Brush pens, Correction Pens, Markers etc. I really liked this Snowhite T17 Roller pen in 0.55mm tip size and it's really smooth as compared to all the previous pens I used. Those are also smooth but this one really made me fall in love. I love stationery items and continuously bring you those in the form of videos as well. Thanks for watching my content from time to time. Regards, Aashish 
Stationery Review 45: Snowhite T17 Roller Ball Pen (0.55mm)

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