Tuesday 26 March 2024

Stationery Review 52: Lamy T52 TURQUOISE Fountain Pen Ink (50ml) for ZAR 200

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I love fountain pens and was looking for some of the unique inks and found this one from Lamy South Africa in Turquoise Colour. This ink is peppy, fresh to the eyes and cool in colour and tone. I really love writing my gratitude journal using this colour. The Stationery & Print shop inside Sandton City gave me this ink for ZAR 200 (i.e. USD 12). If I think about the Indian price it will be around Rs. 1000 for a 50ml bottle. Check it out! 

I plan to buy some of the inks from the other expensive series of Lamy called Crystal Ink which has some kind of brilliant tint to bring more fun to your writing experience. If I ever buy the Lamy Fountain Pen, it will be in Fine Nib rather than EF Nib. Topaz, Beryl, Agate and Azurite are some of my favourite colours from that series which is going for around ZAR 240 for a 30ml bottle in 2023. The price of inks keeps on increasing annually due to the USD-ZAR fluctuations. 
Stationery Review 52: Lamy T52 TURQUOISE Fountain Pen Ink (50ml) for ZAR 200

I think this is the ink I have used the most as compared to all the inks I have bought after this one. This ink looks really poppy on the paper and you fall in love with your own writing. 

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