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Things to Love About a TECNO Phone @TECNOMobileSA

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From useful features and trendy design to great value for money, there are many things to love about a TECNO smartphone

Love is in the air, as February marks the month of love with Valentine’s Day being celebrated (or not celebrated, depending on your relationship status). However, a relationship situation to definitely celebrate is the one you have with your smartphone, which brings so much connectivity, functionality, convenience, and entertainment to your life. There’s much to love about a TECNO phone, with the following being just some of the standouts.
Things to Love About a TECNO Phone @TECNOMobileSA
A Trendy Look and Comfortable Feel
The look of a phone is the first thing that people notice, and TECNO phones bring very pleasing and trendy aesthetics with their designs. They allow you to stand out, making a statement to others that you are serious about looking your best with a premium handset (even though its price is far from emptying your bank account). They are also comfortable to hold and fit into your hand, pocket, or bag with ease.

Top Tech at Affordable Prices
Speaking of emptying your bank account, the prices of some phones these days make them inaccessible to many people. One of TECNO’s core missions is to bring the best tech packed into a smartphone at an affordable price, democratising the accessibility of a reliable, useful device. What’s not to love about that? Instead of sacrificing quality to bring the pricing down, with lower tech included or inferior parts, TECNO’s devices are a testament to the fact that devices with quality tech don’t need to cost you an arm and a leg.
Things to Love About a TECNO Phone @TECNOMobileSA
More Than Just a Smartphone
When you purchase a TECNO smartphone, you are not just getting a phone. Even more value comes out of the box with a charger, USB charging cable, earphones, screen protector and phone cover also included with the device. This is not a guarantee with every phone you buy these days, where in some instances you must pay extra for these essential accessories. The charger and charging cable come with a six-month warranty, the earphones have a three-month warranty, and the TECNO phone is covered by a 13-month warranty.

Every TECNO device is also dual SIM and network open, meaning no matter what cellular network you are on, you can use the device.
Things to Love About a TECNO Phone @TECNOMobileSA
Useful Features and Google Mobile Services
TECNO phones come with HiOS, an operating system that brings some helpful and useful features. These include App Twin, which allows you to log to two social media accounts at the same time, Social Turbo, which provides much more functionality to WhatsApp, Bubbles, which floats notifications at the top of other apps ensuring you never miss important info, and Smart Panel, which allows you to quickly access your favourite and frequently-used apps.

There are many more useful features to explore and love, thanks to HiOS. Every TECNO device also comes preloaded with all your favourite Google Mobile Service apps, so you don’t have to worry about struggling to access them.

Lag-free Multitasking Thanks to Memory Fusion
If you haven’t yet heard of this very useful technology incorporated into TECNO phones, then you are in for a treat! One of the most frustrating things is your phone lagging when you are multitasking while trying to meet a deadline, or another similar example. With Memory Fusion, these situations are non-existent.

Memory Fusion draws unused read-only memory (ROM) and channels it to random access memory (RAM) operations. This enhances the device’s multi-tasking capacity, translating into seamless switching between applications that are running concurrently in the background, quickly retrieving frequently accessed files and apps, and stabilising the phone’s systems for more sustainable performance and longer battery life.
Things to Love About a TECNO Phone @TECNOMobileSA
TECNO Devices at Great Deals
TECNO currently has special deals with some of its retail partners to bring you useful and reliable smartphones at even more affordable prices. Bringing ease, convenience, and great value for money are some of the key guiding principles of TECNO phones, which pack the best tech into them.

Currently, the SPARK 10 5G is available for R3,499 at Edgars (availability varies per retailer per product and while stocks last). That’s an amazing saving of R1,500. Other TECNO devices with special offers at Edgars include the SPARK 10C (R2,599 – save R900), the SPARK GO 2023 (R1,799 – save R700), and POP 7 (R1,599 – save R400).

Ackermans and PEP also have special offers on TECNO phones at present with SPARK GO 2023 available for R1,899 at both (save R400), and POP 7 available at Ackermans for R1,699 (save R300) - (availability varies per retailer per product and while stocks last).

Visit the TECNO South Africa Facebook page to find out more about these offers and to stay up to date with all the latest goings-on, news, competitions, and deals.
Things to Love About a TECNO Phone @TECNOMobileSA
TECNO devices are available from select retail partners, including Ackermans, Dunns, Edgars, Game, HiFi Corp, Jet, Makro, Mr Price, PEP, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, TFG, Vodacom and Woolworths (availability varies per retailer per product and while stocks last). Be on the lookout for special deals and offers to further increase your value for money.

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