Thursday 21 March 2024

Stationery Review 34: Snowhite Fountain Pen FP03

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Thanks to all the Snowhite Series of Fountain Pens I have brought for you. Not only these fountain pens are value for money but come in different designs and variants of nib sizes so that everyone can own them easily. Buy them from AliExpress or directly from them. You can bulk order them with your logo or design and then give it as promotional material. I would definitely want to have a fountain pen rather than a ball pen in these promotional materials at all the industry expos.

Stationery Review 34: Snowhite Fountain Pen FP03
I have got these two FP03 Fountain Pens by Snowhite in two body colours - Red and Blue. The plastic is okay and it comes with a hooded nib. The pens are lightweight and easy on hands for kids and adults alike. Snowhite pens are available on Ali Express and these are really cheap fountain pens. If any company wants to get them they can get them directly from Snowhite where you can buy and order in bulk. 

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