Thursday 21 March 2024

Stationery Review 37: DOMS Trio-Matic + Fine Point Ball Pens

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DOMS is one of the Indian Writing Instruments brands that has gained immense popularity across the world. That's because it has a huge range of products and once a small kid starts using something from childhood, he will continue to use the same products as he grows older. I totally loved these Doms Trio-Matic + Fine Point ball pens as they are first in triangular shape making them easy to hold secondly they are lightweight and lastly they write really fine I love them. Also, they are relatively cheap as compared to other pens making them easy to use and throw in your school bag, office stationery requirements or on the go. Thanks, DOMS for the same.
Stationery Review 37: DOMS Trio-Matic + Fine Point Ball Pens
In future, I am going to review some more DOMS products as I really love the brand and on my recent trip to India, I bought some more products from the brand. Let's wait and watch. 

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