Saturday 23 March 2024

Stationery Review 41: Snowhite FP-5018 Fountain Pens (Fine Nib)

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Snowhite is a manufacturer of many writing instruments. I am in love with their fountain pens. This Snowhite FP-5018 comes in multiple colours and I have got 2 of them here in this video. The price is around USD 2 on Ali Express and I am not so sure if you can find them in Johannesburg China Mall. I have not found them as yet in Johannesburg. I got them from the Stationery Expo that happened in May 2023. This is really cheap compared to the other fountain pens from other manufacturers. This came with a cartridge which you can buy separately as well as refill it using a syringe and ink bottle.
Stationery Review 41: Snowhite FP-5018 Fountain Pens (Fine Nib)
I really found them to be worthy for students and someone who is starting with fountain pens. I really love them. Thanks, Aashish

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