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Stationery Review 10: Karkos Orange Fountain Pen Ink (USD 1.97) 30ml Bottle

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Karkos Orange is really a bright orange ink from the Karkos range of inks. I really loved it because I love yellow colour and this is the closest in terms of a combination of orange and red. Yellow-coloured ink is one thing that's needed if you want to experiment with creating your own unique colours. I am still in search of yellow ink and only have some Lamy Mango Cartridges from the sale at Exclusive Books. Those cartridges I used to create some unique ones by mixing them with Green and thereafter with blue or something to get to some unique colours in my Yellow Lamy Safari Fountain Pen. 

Karkos Orange is having a little bit of difficulty reading as the ink is a little bit of dull as compared to the other inks. I will have to experiment with this ink with the thick nib may be bold or stub ones as it will leave much more ink on the paper. But one thing is sure the Orange is definitely an ink to have in your collection. It will really help if you love drawing sunrise or sunset and many expensive inks are there in this colour as well like Noodler's Sunset. 
Stationery Review 10: Karkos Orange Fountain Pen Ink (USD 1.97) 30ml Bottle
After my first order with the Ali Express App, I was glued to the platform mainly because of the two games that give you gold coins that you can pay for your products with. I found some of the fountain pen inks that I wanted to try. Whatever Inks I was getting here in South Africa were very expensive and I thought of not investing that much amount of money into the same.

I bought this Karkos Orange Fountain Pen Ink in a 30ml bottle for USD 1.97 (ZAR 38) each.  Express Pencils Store is available on the Ali Express App from where I ordered this ink. Check it out and if you like it, you can also order it.
Also, the South African Post Office charged me only ZAR 36 to release the packet so based on the items inside the package that got equally distributed to all the 6 ink bottles and 1 glass pen. The overall cost of the ink then came to ZAR 45 approximately based on the exchange rate for a 30ml ink bottle. 
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The ink comes in a plastic bottle with a simple sticker saying the name of the ink. The opening of the bottle is protected by a plastic seal that can be taken in and out to not spill during transport etc. The plastic quality of the bottle is fine. The cap is in the same colour as the ink but it doesn't truly match the same. It takes a little while to take the plastic seal out but on its way from China to South Africa, it's kept in a ziplock bag and there was not even a single drop of ink spill. All the inks came fine and perfect.

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If any ink brand wants to send us their inks, please contact me at Even if they cannot ship to South Africa, I can provide them with the Aramex Global Shopper Address where they can send the same to their local country address as well and I pay the courier charges to get them to South Africa.

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