Friday 2 September 2022

September-2022 Highlights from @Disney #DisneyJunior #DisneyAfrica

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Highlights for various Disney Channel and Disney Junior Serials for September 2022

NEW EPISODES - Monday - Friday from 5th September at 17:50

The third season began with Anne and the Plantars transported from Amphibia to Anne’s hometown of Los Angeles where the frog family had to learn about the modern world and try to find a way home – all while hiding their identities as talking frog people.

In one of the new episodes of Season 3, “The Root of Evil” – Anne and the Plantars get stuck in a strange village of plant lovers.

Then in “The Core & the King” – King Andrias confronts the demons of his past.

Catch the new episodes of Amphibia on Monday, 5th September at 17:50 on
September-2022 Highlights from @Disney #DisneyJunior #DisneyAfrica
Raven’s Home 
Season 5 Premiere - Monday – Thursday from 12th September at 17:00

Season 5 of Raven’s Home kicks off with Raven taking a trip to San Francisco. When Raven’s father, Victor, has a health scare, Raven and Booker return to San Francisco to help him. Booker fails to babysit his cousin and must fix things before Raven finds out.

Then Booker realizes he likes San Francisco and decides to stay a while.

Watch Season 5 premiere episodes of Raven’s Home from Monday, 12th September at 17:00 on Disney Channel

Series Premiere - Saturday & Sunday from 10th September at 12:00

Brand-new adventures with Disney Junior’s inventor Eureka.

Meet Eureka, an 8-year-old girl who lives in the village of Rocky Falls, a fun place where both dinosaurs and humans live. Eureka is an inventor who uses her imagination to make new inventions, With the help of her best friends Barry, Pepper, Murphy the Mammoth and Dipply the Dinosaur. Eureka is always thinking up new ideas on how to solve problems in fun, new inventive ways!

In the first of the season episodes “Tusks, Trouble and All” (Saturday, 10 September) – Eureka and her friends, Pepper and Barry, free a woolly mammoth.

Then in “Absoflutely Fabulous” – Eureka tries to befriend a flute player in her class by inventing a new flute.

Catch episodes of the new series Eureka! On 10th September at 12:00 on Disney Junior
September-2022 Highlights from @Disney #DisneyJunior #DisneyAfrica
New Episodes - Monday to Friday from 5th September at 10:00

Brand-new episodes of Season 5 with everyone’s favourite crime fighters, the PJ Masks.

In the first of the new episodes, Mystery Mountain breaks out of its dimension and floats over the city. Meanwhile, Romeo challenges Carly and Cartoka to a race,

but it’s all part of a sneaky plan to steal speed crystals stranded in the middle of nowhere. Will they be able to be back on time?

New Episodes of PJ Masks on 5th September at 10:00 on Disney Junior

New episodes - Monday to Friday from 12th September at 14:00

Inspired by Doreen Cronin’s popular children’s books, “The Chicken Squad” follows a trio of young chicken siblings—Coop, Sweetie and Little Boo—and their retired search and rescue dog mentor, Captain Tully, as they team up on problem-solving adventures in their backyard to help their animal friends.

In the first of the new episodes, when Captain Tully goes missing, the Squad goes on a quest to find their mentor.

After the Fire Chickens rescue the Chicken Squad, the Squad is eager to find a way to help them in return

Find new episodes of The Chicken Squad on 12th September at 14:00 on Disney Junior

Programming Stunt - Monday to Friday from 19th September at 18:30

Find all your favourite episodes of Alice’s Wonderland Bakery

Alice, the great-granddaughter of the original heroine and a budding young baker at the enchanted Wonderland Bakery, each episode features two 11-minute stories about Alice’s recipe adventures with her best pals—Fergie, a white rabbit; Hattie, her madcap friend; and Rosa, the Princess of Hearts.

Season 1 episodes of Alice’s Wonderland Bakery on 19th September at 18:30 on Disney Junior

10th Anniversary Celebration - Monday to Friday from 26th September at 18:00

“Doc McStuffins” premiered in March 2012 and since then has become one of the most beloved preschool television properties of all time. It tells the story of a young girl who aspires to be a doctor like her mom and communicates with and heals broken toys and stuffed animals.

Each episode follows Doc and her much-loved stuffed animal friends Stuffy, Lambie, Hallie and Chilly as they diagnose and nurture a toy in need.

Catch episodes of Doc McStuffins from 26th September at 18:00 on Disney Junior

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