Tuesday 27 September 2022

vivo Launches New V25 5G & V25e for Creative Original Expressions @Vivomobile_SA #vivoV25Series #DelightEveryMoment

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vivo Launches New V25 5G and V25e with High-Performance, Color Changing Glass and Enhanced Photography Features 

vivo has unveiled the latest additions to its stylish V series range of devices: V25 5G and V25e
With superior photography features, the two smartphones have been designed for users who express themselves through video and photography. The new V25 5G and V25e will give users the power to embark on a self-expression journey and capture glowing portraits with the phones’ stunning camera capabilities, powered by high-performance, energy-efficient hardware cased in an exquisite body with a glossy, innovative aesthetic.

The new V25 5G and V25e follow the V series’ heritage to delight every moment with superior camera capabilities and cutting-edge imaging technology.

Both the flagship V25 5G and V25e have 3 rear cameras with a 64MP OIS ultra-sensing camera to minimize blurry shots and support a longer exposure time, creating clearer and brighter images and 4K videos even in dim lighting conditions.

The main camera on the V25 5G is supported by an 8MP super wide-angle camera and a 2MP super macro camera whilst the V25e is supported by a 2MP bokeh camera and 2MP macro camera. The V25 5G is equipped with a 50MP eye autofocus selfie front camera whilst the V25e has a 32MP portrait front camera.

The phones are fitted with AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate. With an eye-catching design, both phones have a Color Changing Fluorite AG Glass covering the rear panel that changes its hue when exposed to UV light, reflecting the dynamic personalities of users.

Below this beautiful appearance lies powerful processors with a high energy-efficiency ratio and great capacity. Coupled with the newest cooling technology and fast charging capabilities, they both offer long-lasting and smooth mobile experiences through Funtouch OS 12 based on Android 12.
vivo Launches New V25 5G & V25e for Creative Original Expressions @Vivomobile_SA #vivoV25Series #DelightEveryMoment
vivo V25 5G - The High-Performing, Innovative and Technologically Advanced Device
“vivo V series has always been about being innovative and technologically advanced while exuding style and encouraging users to create, have fun, and explore. The new V25 5G continues to embody this concept and provide users with fresh tools and features,” says Fred Liu, CEO, vivo mobile SA. “vivo understands that users want a smartphone that is aesthetically pleasing and has excellent functional attributes.

“With these carefully designed new devices, users can capture the best moments in life with their family and friends anywhere, any time with intuitive camera technologies, while expressing their creativity and emotions through the smartphone chameleon-like design.”

Light up portraits in the night with intuitive imaging technology
Equipped with a 64MP OIS ultra-sensing rear camera that boasts upgraded OIS and EIS capabilities and an 8MP wide-angle camera, V25 5G delivers an excellent imaging experience and allows users to capture high-quality, super-wide shots and 4K videos with ease.
vivo Launches New V25 5G & V25e for Creative Original Expressions @Vivomobile_SA #vivoV25Series #DelightEveryMoment
Clear selfies powered by auto-focus capability and leading AI algorithms
Clarity is a key consideration and an ever-growing demand for users when it comes to taking great selfies and videos. Therefore, V25 5G has a 50MP front camera with eye autofocus capabilities, enabling users to take clear images and videos any time of the day or night. In addition, the front camera is equipped with AI HD Algorithm that optimizes sharpness.

Easy and fun video filming experience with style
The front camera of V25 5G has the Hybrid Image Stabilization (OIS+EIS) feature which makes video shooting clearer and more stable. Furthermore, the Natural Portrait video mode enhances overall skin texture and clarity.

V25 5G also comes with a new Vlog Movie feature that improves the filming experience with video templates and tutorials to guide users on how to shoot in different scenarios, such as night, food, city and more, as well as an upgraded Multi-Style Portrait feature in both front and rear cameras that provides fun filters, enhancing the video experience.

The Multi-Style Portrait feature also allows users to unleash their creativity with the Motion Blur effect, a new style which innovatively separates people from the background for a better portrait creation experience.
vivo Launches New V25 5G & V25e for Creative Original Expressions @Vivomobile_SA #vivoV25Series #DelightEveryMoment
Spark creativity and fun through innovative, chameleon-like design
V25 5G has a thin 2.5D body that is 7.79mm. The lightweight and slim body make the device a comfortable fit in the hands of users.

To ensure the phones stand out, vivo incorporated vivid colours into its newest models. V25 5G is decked out in Aquamarine Blue and Diamond Black.

In addition, vivo designed the smartphones to spark creativity and fun in users with the revolutionary Color Changing Fluorite AG Glass, which enables the rear panel of the devices to display different colours at different angles when exposed to UV light. The Aquamarine Blue edition of V25 5G switches from ocean blue to bluish green.

Powered by energy-efficient and high-performance chipsets
The new V25 5G delivers robust performance and high-power efficiency to support various daily uses of its users. V25 5G features a MediaTek Dimensity 900 processor with a high energy-efficiency ratio and 8GB RAM + 8GB extended RAM, enabling users to seamlessly play demanding games and multitask across various apps. V25 5G supports 44W FlashCharge that can recharge the 4500mAh battery cell from 0% to 61% in 30 minutes.

vivo V25e - The Intuitive Device Equipped with Cutting-Edge Camera Technologies
“The new V25e adheres to V series’ heritage of innovation and style with intuitive technologies,” says Tony Shi, General Manager, vivo mobile SA.

“At vivo, we strive to spark creativity and joy around the world, while understanding the needs of smartphone users in different markets. The V25e comes with cutting-edge camera technologies, a colour-changing rear panel, and strong capabilities that deliver robust performance.

“This state-of-the-art smartphone offers must-have features at great value for money.”
vivo Launches New V25 5G & V25e for Creative Original Expressions @Vivomobile_SA #vivoV25Series #DelightEveryMoment
Capture stunning night portraits with cutting-edge camera technologies
The 64MP HD main rear camera offers large 1.4μm pixels by combining four pixels into one, delivering excellent sensitivity and superb clarity. This cutting-edge technology offers brilliant light sensitivity to ensure that users can capture clearer images and 4K videos in impressive detail in different low-light conditions.

Coupled with the upgraded Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) capabilities, the camera intuitively minimizes blurry shots caused by shaking, making it easier for users to capture HD portraits, especially at night. The rear camera also features the Bokeh Flare Portrait algorithm which helps produce gorgeous portraits at night and provides different effects, turning background light sources into interesting shapes such as hearts, butterflies, and cherry blossoms, adding more fun elements to photos.

The 32MP portrait front camera with the upgraded Natural HD Portrait feature allows users to take high-quality selfies and has different face beautification options which intelligently enhance the overall texture, clarity, and naturalness of selfies.
vivo Launches New V25 5G & V25e for Creative Original Expressions @Vivomobile_SA #vivoV25Series #DelightEveryMoment
Fred Liu, CEO, vivo mobile SA
Improved filming and vlogging experience
The rear cameras of the V25e use a Hybrid Image Stabilization technique that combines Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) capabilities to help produce clear videos even when the camera is shaking, allowing users to record videos with vivid details.

The V25e also has a new Vlog Movie feature that enhances the filming experience with video templates such as the V25 5G. To further improve the vlogging experience, the V25e comes with a new Dual-View Video feature that enables users to use the front and rear cameras simultaneously to record on an adjustable split screen.

Premium look with a sleek design and colour-changing rear panel
Similar to the V25 5G, the V25e comes in two colours, Sunrise Gold and Diamond Black while the V25e has a slim 7.79mm 2.5D body with a textured flat frame, and it only weighs 183g.

The sleek design gives it a premium look and feels, while the device is also easy for users to hold when texting, taking photos or gaming.

The V25e also features the revolutionary Color Changing Fluorite AG Glass on its rear panel, which enables the device to display different colours at different angles when exposed to UV light. The rear panel on the Sunrise Gold edition changes from gold to reddish-orange under UV light.
vivo Launches New V25 5G & V25e for Creative Original Expressions @Vivomobile_SA #vivoV25Series #DelightEveryMoment
Tony Shi, General Manager, vivo mobile SA
Highly energy-efficient chip and long-lasting battery
Equipped with MediaTek Helio G99 chipset built on the highly efficient TSMC N6 (6nm-class) chip production process, the V25e offers one of the best 4G processors in the market. The V25e is exceptionally power-efficient and can support a 90Hz refresh rate display, smooth streaming, and various features. The MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 Lite game engine that comes with the chipset also allows for a smooth gaming experience with stable performance, faster response and reliable connection.

The V25e supports a 44W FlashCharge powered by Super Charge Pump that enables an energy conversion efficiency rate as high as 97.5%, and it can recharge the high-density 4500mAh battery cell from 0% to 58% in 30 minutes4. Coupled with the Smart Charging Engine which minimizes battery loss during charging and reduces the heat generated by fast charging, the battery life is extended by up to 25%.

In addition, the V25e offers up to 128GB of storage capacity and supports up to 1TB of memory expansion, allowing users to store a large number of HD photos and videos and apps.

Pricing and availability
From September 23 both the V25 5G and V25e are available at major retailers throughout the country at an RRP of R14,999 for the V25 5G and R10,999 for the V25e.

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