Friday 23 September 2022

Profound 8 Movement Model Developed By Dr Johan Beukes Will Change Your Life!

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Many years ago, somewhere in Bultfontein in the Free State, a nine-year-old boy had an epiphany while sitting on his bed. He realized that it was his job to make a difference in the world. With this extraordinary task at heart, he set out on his life’s journey in search of what he could do to achieve this goal.

He searched for meaning in everything he did. On the field as a rugby player, after school as a theology student and as a model on international catwalks.

The search continued as he obtained one academic qualification after another, including a master’s degree in theology, an honours degree in industrial psychology, an MPhil in leadership, a doctorate in educational psychology, a social entrepreneurship program at INSEAD Executive Education, followed by an emerging leaders course at Harvard University and an invitation to attend a Distinctive Leadership Course at the Leadership College London.

Over the years, he held several high-profile positions and worked with organisations like Remgro, Remgro CSI, the Springbok sevens team (Blitzbokke), numerous universities, Mergon, Barclays Absa and T-Systems South Africa, to name but a few.

All of these experiences prepared him for his real purpose in life.
Profound 8 Movement Model Developed By Dr Johan Beukes Will Change Your Life!
This young boy turned out to be the high-performance leadership coach, inspirational speaker, and authentic living advocate – Dr Johan Beukes.

High-performance leadership coach, Beukes is renowned for empowering his clients to make a meaningful impact in the world. Boasting more than 23 years of experience, Johan has partnered with thousands of local and international leaders, teams and organisations – from private sector companies and educational institutions to start-ups, spiritual organisations and NGOs – guiding them towards successfully navigating the leadership adventure. 

The leadership expert’s unquenchable need to help others, the constant need for innovation and years of experience led to the development of his profound 8 movement’s model, designed to empower people to have a meaningful impact on the world. This model provides holistic tools to help people improve their lives on a personal and professional level. With this, he not only helps leaders and their teams to prevent burnout but also to increase positivity in the midst of change and diversity through special legacy initiatives.

This 8 movement’s model is unique and has already had a massive impact on people all over the country.

One of the pillars of this 8 movement’s model is how to identify your GIFT. When Johan engages with you in a conversation about GIFTS, his enthusiasm is contagious. You immediately start asking yourself – “What is my gift? Have I discovered my gift yet? Am I taking care of my gift?” and that is exactly what this pillar focuses on. “There are so many aspects of GIFTS. Apart from your own gift, you must be able to notice and exploit the gifts of your respective team members. When a husband and wife begin to notice each other’s gifts and families begin to notice each other, miracles happen! What is the risk if you do not identify your own gift or notice the gifts of others and neglect them?” says Johan. “It is very important to discover your gift and to implement it in your life in order to reach your ultimate goal,” he continues.

Johan advises leaders to give team members the opportunity to bring their gifts to the table. “You would be surprised at what changes can occur when people start living their gifts,” says Beukes.

As one of South Africa’s foremost leadership and management team coaches, Johan became renowned for his unique approach and methods to improve leaders, teams and organisations. He sees it as his life’s mission to “support successful people, especially leaders, teams and organisations, on their journey towards identifying their mission in life and making a difference.”

It is, therefore, not surprising that his motto is: “You need to open up and show up!”

“To discover and express your gifts will be the best investment you can make in your own life,” he concludes.

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