Tuesday 8 December 2015

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Dec 2014

Hi Guys,

December is the time to create new goals for the coming year and festival season this Christmas. This year was great in all the ways as I won the Mission Samsung Challenge and also my blog crossed more than 625,000 pageviews this year in 2015. The followers across all social media channels also increased and I was able to do some sponsored posts to buy myself Nikon flash SB-910 from all the earnings. This month will see some of the blog posts which I always wanted to do and couldn't do in this year. I hope I am able to catch up on the promises I made to people this year.

I plan to create regular content in 2016 and change the way I do the blog posts. I am unlearning and relearning everything about the social media skills via books and online communities. This is the most important decisions I have taken because in day to day life, you don't have much time left to blog and when you are blogging and people making use of your time and resources to give you nothing in return than it hurts. I have decided that I will say it very clearly to all the brands that I won't work for free anymore unless I want and this want will be based on desires fulfilled by the brands. 

Last year, December was more about movie reviews as I was catching up on all the movies I saw. I did participated in Indiblogger contests but during 2015 I didn't win any Indiblogger contest at all but was able to get #HappyHours gift vouchers enabling me to buy the Nikon flash. Also, I got sponsored by HTC for HTC ONE M8 but I really loved the HTC ONE M9 a lot which I am using these days for my posts on Instagram.

1. Melbourne - The Most Livable City in the World @Indiblogger Contest - http://www.thelifesway.com/2014/12/melbourne-most-livable-city-in-world.html
Australia is one of the most sought after travel destination and is really awesome to visit. My parents visited the same this year and loved the city a lot.

2. Movie Reviews - http://www.thelifesway.com/2014_12_01_archive.html
It was time to finish some of the movies I watched last year and among the same, I really loved watching Big Hero 6, Instructions not included etc.

December this year is more about creating some rules and goals for The Life's Way in next year. I am still gauging as to what to commit to and what goal or dream will keep me awake towards the same. Will be sharing the same soon...


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