Thursday 31 December 2015

A Memoir - Year 2015 for #Blog #AashishRai (600 Post)

Hi Guys,

It's time to connect the dots and look again at some of the important activites that happened for The Life's Way blog in 2015. There has been many achievements and great things happened to me which I shared from time to time on the social media channels and also on my blog. The best part of the year came in when I became the winner of Samsung's Blogger Challenge Grand Finale for 2014. I am thankful to the brand for the same and I love watching all the movies and TV series on Samsung's 65inch curved UHD TV. 

In the third year of it's existence The Life's Way blog started from 100k pageviews on 01 Jan 2015 and reached 740k pageviews on 31 Dec 2015, that's a massive 640,000 pageviews in a single year. I am thankful to Tweet Jukebox for helping me reach this mark along with more than 219 blogposts in a single year. The followers on all social media channels are increased with time spend on that particular channel. 

I am also thankful to Indiblogger for their Happy Hours contest which allowed me to get several Flipkart vouchers so that I could buy myself a Nikon Speedlight SB-910. The device is really expansive and I did some sponsored blogposts to reach the milestone. I was very happy to spend all my vouchers and sponsored blog posts money on something I always wanted to have. Thanks to Indiblogger and PR's for sponsored posts.
I am so grateful to Aramex Global Shopper for giving me a chance to work for them which helped me buy my favorite  Momentum On-Ear headphones from Sennheiser, Social Beat to work on their several paid campaigns to allow me to buy SB-910 Nikon Flash.

I am also thankful to MonteCasino's PR team for the invites to their special events from time to time giving me a chance to take photographs to post on my Instagram channel. I am thankful to them for sending the Christmas goodies being my first one ever received from any brand. Thanks once again!

I am also thankful to Savanna Cider and GC Communications for all the invites to their events and sending me samples from time to time. I really loved the Beats Solo HD headphones from one of their events and will continue to enjoy music via them forever. 

I am also thankful to 48hoursinJoburg's - Imran Khan, Chat Factory's - Jodene Shaer  TechSmartMag - Robin-Leigh Chetty, MyEyeOnTheWorld's - Namritha Sivasankar, TechGirl's - Sam Wright and Anne Doli, Jarred Doyle from JDC, TechnoBok's Jason Mayo, CapeTownGuy's Ariel and Jared Stokes from Disney Africa for always supporting in me in all my endeavors. 

I am also thankful to Cerebra Communication for Huawei to invite me to all their events and for sending me their devices to review. I am thankful to Epic MSL Group for sending me Samsung devices and inviting me to their launch events. Craving Novity for inviting me to Sony launch events and Bang & Olufsen too. Fleishman Hillard's for Microsoft did invited me to some events for the first half of the year and I am grateful to them too. 
I am extremely grateful to HTC for sponsoring me HTC One M8 and to Idea Engineers for sending me their latest devices from time to time. I am sure I have provided them the reach they wanted on instagram and twitter along with several blog posts from time to time. 

I fell in love with Peugeot Active #208 car which I took for a weekend drive to Pilanesburg and thanks to the brand for sponsoring me to do so. I really loved the same and shared a lot of photographs on my instagram/photoyatra channel. 

The new year I want to achieve Tier 3 for Instagram, Twitter and Blogger profile based on the calculations done at Webfluential. I am thankful to the team for giving me my first job for twitter this year for one of their campaigns. 

I want to cross 3000 posts on Instagram (1630 posts so far), Blog to cross 1000 posts (600 posts) by 31 Dec 2016 to take my pageviews to cross 1 Million mark in 2016. I am also thinking of migrating to Wordpress to change the look and feel of my blog along with enabling several other features. I will continue to participate in all the blogging contests from Blogadda and Indiblogger once again. 

Overall, it was a great year where it was awesome to work with new PR companies and sending/receiving proposals. I was not able to work with all of them but I hope in 2016 I will be able to do so. I hope this new year, I can earn some money to buy myself membership plans for some of the things which needs to be taken care of by the blog to automate stuff especially Tweet Jukebox. I also want to buy a Prime lens Nikon 35mm most probably to take some awesome portrait shots or Samsung's 45mm lens for NX300 Mirrorless camera. Brands do contact me if you see my profile fits the products you have and contact me on email -

Looking forward to The Life's Way in 2016 and Have A Great Year to each and every readers of my blog!

Aashish Rai

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