Tuesday 22 December 2015

Photo Walk - Radhey Shyam Mandir #Marlboro #Jozi #Indian #Temple

Hi Guys,

As an Indian born into an Hindu family, temples are the first thing your parents take you for seeking Almighty Lord's blessings. Indian Temples always gives power and hope to those who goes looking for the same. 
 I have been lucky to see a lot of them all around the country in India as well as in London, UK, Singapore and now Johannesburg, South Africa. 
 Every temple will have it's own decorations and deities. The people governing them will do the daily prayers in the mornings and evenings. 
 Indian Temples in foreign countries never stop any person who wants to enter if they can keep their shoes out. Hats off to B.A.P.S who has kept the Indian traditions alive in all the countries where they operate the Indian temples. I have seen Neasden Temple in London, and here in Laudium, Marlboro and Lenasia. 
 There are always celebrations during the various festivals from Diwali to Dusshara, from Hanuman Jayanthi to Janmasthmi, every occassion is celebrated with full enthusiasm. 
These photographs are taken using Nikon D7000 (18-105mm lens) on the occasion of Diwali in 2015. Do visit the temple whenever you get the time, the peace it gives to your heart is immense and you stay connected to roots wherever in the world you belong to. 


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