Tuesday 29 December 2015

Product Review - www.TweetJukebox.com @Alphabetsuccess #TweetJukebox

Hi Guys, 

As the year 2015 is ending and I am thinking about what and how I was able to generate 630,000 pageviews in the 3rd year of my blog www.TheLifesWay.com I would love to give all the credit to the Tweet Jukebox which got launched at the start of the year by Tim Fargo. I used to follow him on twitter as he is Master of the Social Media art and science. He is 2x Inc 500 Winner and tweets on a lot of topics. I started using Tweet Jukebox when it was started in April or May and since then the number of pageviews have increased on my blog. Though some efforts are also required at my end to get to that numbers but it's a tool that provides value for money as the services have evolved a lot. 
Tweet Jukebox website is easy to use and you just need to link your twitter handle which you need to maintain as an entrance to this website. No separate registrations and password remembrance any more as just with a single click after twitter authentication, you will be on your dashboard. The website has launched it's paid version in three categories along with a very restricted free version which allows you to save upto 300 tweets which you can schedule at 5 tweets per day maximum. 

Though this policy (5 max tweets on free account) was launched in December only, I have used the free version till that day to get my pageview count increase daily by re-tweeting about all my old blog-posts from the last three years along with my Instagram posts. 

Talking about the categories which you can buy membership of are - Advanced / Pro / Business enabling you to check your usage and enroll for the same. 

Let's talk about the several features that Tweet Jukebox provides to it's enrolled members - 

Jukebox is a single group of tweets which can have n number of entries/tweets that you can upload using csv file or txt file also. This jukebox than can be scheduled for all seven days within specific timelines or as  per your convenience. Options tab gives you settings to schedule them in 3 ways - Regular, Once and Done & Date Range. You can also set the frequency that any tweet which has been used can't be repeated till 1-30 days. 
Regular keeps on processing your tweets time and again based on the frequency you set and there is no limits on paid accounts as off now. Once and done if applied on Jukebox will stop once all the tweets from the Pandora box has been tweeted. I have used this to promote various campaign tweets or to increase particular blog posts page views. 

There are so many features that has been added to the website since the first time I started using it. Download tweets allows you to save your tweets for later use. Jukebox Library has a lot of pre-set tweets uploaded and shared by several users which you can enable within your account range and you can schedule them also. It has a great collection of tweets from several sources and various celebrities along with Quote's etc. I have used Social Media tweets/ Robin Sharma Quotes and various other jukeboxes to increase my followers base in twitter. 

Visual Schedule will help you see your tweet as scheduled for your various Jukeboxes. It can help you to plan your twitter presence online. Scheduled Tweets allows you to write your tweets as per your influencer marketing campaigns which will be tweeted at the mentioned time without any hassles. Works perfectly well when you get paid to tweet for a lot of brands. Recent Mentions displays your tweets being retweeted by whom and also shows you unique users who have retweeted your tweets based on reach and frequency.

I am really missing on the free account which has been restricted a lot now as the paid version of Tweet Jukebox has been launched. I hope to earn some money from my blog so that I can pay and take the one year membership of the Advanced version of Tweet Jukebox. If any brands wants to sponsor me the same, I will be eager to accept this opportunity in lieu of mentioning their handle in tweets related to their products on all my social media channels. 

In the end, it the most user friendly tool to increase your twitter base and also to schedule your tweets at regular frequency without you looking at the screen of your mobiles/laptops all the time. It is fun as it is still evolving platform and brings a lot of surprise elements to increase your online presence. I really adore Tweet Jukebox and Thanks to Tim Fargo for this really cool invention. 


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