Saturday 12 December 2015

@XperiaMashlab - Army of One - Jack Parow and Freshlyground #XperiaMashlab

Hi Guys,

Just launched – ‘Army of One’ official music video! Jack Parow, also known as ‘Jan Bond’, like you have never seen before – performing crazy stunts, including hanging onto a car roof at full speed, dodging dangerous explosions and loads more all in the name of saving Freshlyground’s Zolani (‘Geldpenni’).

“We had this idea, because the song is so epic, to try and make the most epic music video ever made in South Africa. That was our plan," said co-director Jon Savage. "This is the adventure of the Xperia Mashlab, you guys out there decided on a secret agent theme and this is the result of a crazy collaboration.”

Be the first to watch it here on YouTube. Check how it all went down, in an exclusive behind the scenes first look:

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