Saturday, 19 December 2015

Photo Walk - Pied Kingfisher in #Pilanesburg National Park #SouthAfrica

Hi Guys,

Restarting the Photo blog posts for all the travel I have done in the year 2015. Recently I went to Pilanesburg National Park which is around 150kms away from Johannesburg, South Africa. It was also a trip sponsored by Peugeot South Africa as they gave me their #208 Active vehicle to drive and to #feelPeugoet. 

Here are some of the moments captured of the Pied Kingfisher and this post is dedicated to my best friend - Kuldeep Singh who is an avid bird photographer. I clicked these photographs using Nikon D7000 with Sigma 70-300mm lens. 

The Black and white bird is really beautiful to look at and I immediately fell in love with the same. 

He was aiming at the little fishes and insects and used to go dip in the shallow water to kill it's prey.

I hope you will enjoy these photo walks as I will continue to share them with all my readers. I will post 4 of the best snaps from all of these photo walks in one post. 


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