Friday 1 January 2016

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Jan 2015

Hi Guys, 

January is always a month where we create resolutions to forget about them later. We all have high hopes from the new year and slowly they keep on increasing and decreasing with time. Life is indeed a roller coaster ride and it's time we accept the same instead of living in a virtual reality of dreams getting fulfilled automatically. It ain't going to happen and if you want to achieve any of your dreams, start taking a step towards the same now - at this very moment. That's the truth and will remain reality of this materialistic commercial world. 

Year 2015 started with a hope for the Grand Finale of Samsung to start but that didn't happened till April 2015. Indiblogger started Happy Hours which took me some time to understand but eventually it was a great concept and I was able to get enough vouchers slowly and steadily to buy my dream Gadget Nikon SB910 Flashlight. 

1. Indiblogger Garnier Pure Active Neem - Difficulties of Oily Skin - - I loves sharing the problems I faced all my teenage for having oily skin. Though I didn't won anything in this contest but it was great to share the post. 

2. Product Review - Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones - - Kinivo has been the brand which remain closed to my heart in 2014 and start of 2015 with all their products and I am still using them from time to time. I will again get in touch with the brand to check if they have launched anything new for TheLife'sWay to blog and review. 

3. Indiblogger TimesofIndia -The Great Indian Litterburg - - This was one of my first attempt at the Happy Hours posts for Indiblogger but I took a serious stand on the topic. The post reached the Top 10 posts for TheLife'sWay in 2015 in terms of pageviews eventually. 

4. Stephen Alvarez Windows Lumia Phones - Capturing the World - - Photography is something everyone loves and smartphones have given the ability to do so to us all the time. Instagram has given the opportunity to share the same with around the world. It's always better to check the tips from famous instagramers and photographers so as to create a style for yourself and earn the followers. I plan to cross 1000 followers this year on my instagram channel

5. Windows Phone Apps to Stay Fit! - - That's a goal which we have all of our life and it remains the biggest challenge of our lives. Some have achieved the same via their strong willpower but some needs constant nagging and reminders via someone close or now a days smartphones apps. Check out these apps which eventually have made it for Microsoft Windows phones too. 

6. Disney's Entertainment for South Africa in 2015 - - Disney has always created new content or recreated the old content with new to age creativity. Some of the Disney movies this year was awesome and I closed the year by watching "The Good Dinosaur". I loved "Quantico" series which was showcased at the annual press release in 2015 because Priyanka Chopra - an Indian Superstar was the main lead actress of the show. Slowly Hollywood has accepted the Bollywood and now I see all the digital effects for Disney and Fox Star movies are mainly created in India. Kudos to the entertainment world as boundaries are getting closer. 

I hope to create new content via my writing for my blog and will take each and every step to increase my presence in South Africa and India. 


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