Saturday 24 January 2015

Indiblogger & CloseUp - Cupid Games 2015 for Valentine's Day

Hi Guys,

Valentine’s Day is one of the most sought after day after the religious festivals we all celebrate in the whole year. It’s the day of love and romance when we share our feeling with our loved ones and the ones whom we love a lot without their knowing. It’s a day that brings your adrenalin level so high in the anticipation of what happens when he/she has said yes or no. It’s the day you try to look your best for the love of your life.

I would plan a lot of stuff for my valentine before the actual date. I will first start preparing a goodies bag of all the stuff she loves and bundle them together. The source of information will be her friends and from my previous talks with her. It would definitely charm her with all the goodies from cosmetics to bags, chocolates to cards in that bag.
The feelings of the heart needs to be written on a special card so that it can be read over and over again by her to finally decide whether she loves me or not? Girls do take time to understand you first and then only commit to a relationship. Words written in cards will be my feelings to read and understand me better.

The next thing will be to take her out on a drive to relax and see the charming side of me. While she opens her goodies bag and go through the same as we hit the highway for some 100 km drive near to some lake. As we enjoy our journey we can talk about ourselves and show our hearts.
We will have an awesome lunch at the most famous dhaba on the national highway which will fill us with renewed energy. I would order the dishes she likes and enjoy the conversation. Relationships are based on conversations and can only be built by talking to each other. Problems start to arise when we stop communicating with each other and as it’s the start of our love, we need to have good communication even through thick and thin.

I will pray to God if it starts raining as we take shelter and have tea on the corner of the roadside tea stalls. They definitely make the best tea and after a stomach full of lunch, it’s the most sought after drink in the rain. I would probably take this time to propose to her about my feelings for her. She will know in her heart all this while but it’s about timing and I would choose this one to say my heart out.
It will be a great time to celebrate if she says “Yes” and we can go eat chat or have wonderful coffee as day is set. It was a full day picnic with the one I admire the most. Whatever is her decision I will respect that and continue to charm her in all the manners possible. I will drop her home after spending a full day with her and wish to have great moments created forever each and every day of my life with her.
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