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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Peacock Dancing on Bhajans

Hi All,

It was the very first day at Johannesburg after a long break in India and I went to a South Indian Temple in Laudium, Johannesburg and a great sight was in view even before I could seek view of Almighty Lord..

 Really amazed at the sight of this and felt great too. It was my HTC One #htcone that came in handy to click the right moment.

 Thanks to the people who were singing prayers inside the temple and this peacock was really enjoying the same too.



  1. heheh the peacock was dancing just like that..Not to the tune of bhajans! Nice caption by the way

  2. Thanks Shilpi. There was no Peahen around and it was dancing in the Temple area so that's the only logical conclusion :-P


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