Thursday 22 January 2015

Indiblogger & TimesofIndia -The Great Indian Litterburg

Hi Guys,
We are the creatures made of habits and many times habits govern us a lot. When it’s our country, where we have all the freedom to do whatever we never think what we are doing? Some habits like pissing on the walls, throwing stuff anywhere and everywhere is an irony to that same person at his own home walks barefoot and not allows sandals to also come inside. Isn't our city the place where our home is? Isn't it the nation we want to build for our children? Every action has its own reaction time and someday sooner or later it will all come back to us.
What can we do? Is it just laughing when Kapil Sharma comments about the same on his Comedy Nights or just agreeing to when our Prime Minister sweeps the streets himself? What happens to us when we are in Singapore on our honeymoon and takes care of even a toffee packaging to be thrown properly to a dustbin? Is it the fear of fine or the respect we have for other nations? What is the reality behind human mind is still not known to me?
I am thinking of what I can do to achieve the same only and that’s the only thing every citizen has to take care of. We just need to take care that we don’t add to the list of people throwing stuff here and there. Automatically with everyone’s decision to change them, the whole nation will be moved to be the best in the world. Foreigners who come here learn all these things and do the same which they will not even dare to do in their countries. It’s our responsibility to let them know that we do have Ahimsa and Forgiveness as our virtues and we do teach Yoga to the world but at no time our great nations can be a dumping ground for anyone.  
As Rabindranath Tagore said, “Every time a child is born, it brings in a new hope that God has not yet disappointed with man” we also need to start learning our duties along with our children. We also need to study those Civics and Social studies book that we have long forgotten to keep our community, city and country clean. We all want to live in posh localities but can’t we make every locality clean and worth living. I have taken a pledge to clean my home of all the stuff my daughter throws away and as she sees me cleaning it, she will automatically learn one day that garbage needs to go in dustbin. I am the caretaker of my home, my community, my locality, my area, my city and my country and so are you!
Think about the same and come forward to help government and media drive this nationwide campaign and learn more at - 
The banner is from the Indiblogger campaign for Times of India. 
We do want to project that we do respect our country and will take all the efforts to make it the best in the World!

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