Sunday 18 January 2015

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Dec 2013

Hi Guys,

Last year in Dec 2013, I didn't blogged for whole of Nov and my Indiblogger rank dropped considerably due to non activity. I went back to India and posted some of the Product review posts about some of the latest gadgets that I won between Nov and Dec 2013. It was my second month in Johannesburg and I visited several places and made some great friends.

1. Product Review - Sony Wireless Speaker SRS-BTV5 with NFC & Bluetooth- This great bluetooth speaker I won from @SonyPix twitter contest on #Skyfall and totally loved it since then. I still am using the same and liked the volume and sound clarity these small speakers produce. 

2. Product Review - LG HBS-700 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset - This is one great device which my brother bought from USA for himself and I totally loved the design and comfort of these headsets from LG. These headsets Vodacom here is giving for free with LG G3 mobile phones. The deal is totally worth it because of the headsets. 

3. Product Review - Logitech Mini Boombox - This is the only prizes my wife has won for her blog post on one of the Indiblogger meet contest. The sound is impressive and loud. The size of the speaker is perfect for a picnic and produced great sound with bass. Thanks to Indiblogger & ZeeTV for such an awesome prize. 

4. Product Review - Amazon Kindle 3G Keyboard - When Kindle got launched it revolutionized the market and everyone who loves reading was looking for the device. There was a huge discussion between paper and digital editions as everyone has their own favorite. But fact remained that Kindle is a powerful device which has grown over the years and taken digital media to a new level. I totally loved this device and has been reading on it for years now. 

Headphones being my first love, I always try to review as many as I can find, buy or lend from friends and family. My brother got Sennheiser HD280 which were heavy to wear but produces amazing sound quality. I got my friend to buy Harman Kardon in sale and he totally loved them till the time, he got BOSE in another sale next season. 

The year 2013 ended on a high note as I won many contests during the whole year and received a lot of prizes. The amount of time spent is also huge to win those gifts and goodies. I totally enjoyed it but if I look at it now, I won't be spending that much time ever again on those twitter contests. It's an addiction which grows if you start winning and then you don't want to lose ever in any of the contest. 

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