Saturday 24 January 2015

Stephen Alvarez & Windows Lumia Phones - Capturing the World

Hi Guys,

National Geographic photographer, Stephen Alvarez is no stranger to capturing the world in detail. He talks about what he sees as the simple secrets to taking  great photographs on your phone. With a phone being small enough to not attract any attention, you can capture images of people in their natural state, images you wouldn’t be able to with a normal camera. Windows Lumia devices have great camera capabilities with its Lumia 1020 having 41 Megapixel camera lens & other devices having 21 megapixel camera. His top tips includes -

1. Watch the Light
Shooting during midday when the light is the harshest? Find a way to use it to your advantage. Sunlight has an effect on the outcome of the photographs depending on the time of the day you shoot. Morning sunlight is the best time to shoot as the light is softer and adds a special glow to subjects.

2. Shoot High, Shoot Low, Shoot Sideways
Don’t be bound to the “regular” ways of shooting. Don’t be afraid to photograph from different perspectives and angles. Get down on the ground, climb up the stairs, or lean out a window for something new.

3. Make Friends
Portraits are great images that can captivate and also share a story about that particular moment. Make new friends and don’t be afraid to ask people if you can take their photograph.

4. Pay Attention to your Edges
Frame your photos with different layers like trees, leaves, mountains etc. This will add depth to the image. Also pay attention to whether you are cropping an image too much.

5. Shoot Early, Shoot Late
The best light is definitely during “golden hour” (the first hour of light in the morning and the hour preceding sunset) when the sunlight has been filtered by the atmosphere, removing the harsh blues. Take advantage.

All the great images used have been taken recently with a Lumia device by him. I am totally fallen in love with these images and tips. I am waiting for Lumia 1020 to be my companion all the time or whatever new Windows Phone has in store for all of us. Follow them on twitter and facebook.


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