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Sunday, 19 October 2014

SADAG - Making Mental Health Matter - 20 years Anniversary Dinner

Hi Guys,

Some organization starts with the determination of a single person and brings a lot of hope and happiness in the lives of many.The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) is also one of such organizations bringing change in the lives of many. Crisis Line number is 0800567567
SADAG has Crisis Centres, School Programmes and Rural Outreach Projects.
The organization is celebrating their 20 years this year as it was setup in 1994 by Zane Wilson. It was her efforts to help others after suffering from acute panic and anxiety herself. It's a problem that is faced by anyone and everyone no matter who you are. Recently we have seen many big hollywood filmstars and singers die of depression. They had all the money and luxuries of the world but still they chose death as the last venue so it's always relationships or someone to speak to that matters most. We all crave for appreciation, care and love throughout our lives.
They celebrated their 20 years Anniversary Dinner by auctioning some of the great art work, jewellery, books and other deals at Metro Restaurant, Benmore, Johannesburg.
Here is Aki Anastasiou who was the MC for the evening along with Auctioneer too.
Zane Wilson was given standing ovation for all her efforts for the last 20 years to bring this organization so far and to help thousands of families all around Africa and other countries. Kindly donate or become a volunteer for this organization at Follow them on twitter or facebook.


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  1. Its really great work and such work is also needed in India too!!


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