Sunday 19 October 2014

Indiblogger Pepsico #GharWaliDiwali - Diwali with Ghar Wali

Hi Guys,

Diwali is a festival of lights and is the main festival for Hindus in India and people living around the world. I always loved this festival and always look forward to the same since my childhood. From the last many years, due to the job at onsite, I have been missing the celebrations of this fun time. Last year, I had to travel to Johannesburg a night before Diwali. Last year, I had no friends and car here and spent my whole day of Diwali all alone. I didn't had a phone or internet also to call my friends and family. This year also I am here in Johannesburg and will be celebrating the festival all alone but unlike last time, I have access to all the internet and mobile as well as my own vehicles to see the temples etc. 

Diwali with Ghar Wali is the story about the first Diwali we celebrated after I got married way back in 2008. My brother visited us from America and bought us a 32" LED TV on the occasion along with a PS2. We spent a lot of time watching movies and playing games on the TV before the day to travel to our native place in Sirsa from Gurgaon. My brother also bought a Leg massager for mom & dad to take care of their tired feet. Diwali is always an occasion to buy some new stuff and great clothes. The shops are flooded with new things and people do save to buy the Diwali celebration Deals. 

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That Diwali we reached our home town around afternoon with some great food prepared by mom. We also enjoyed some great time till it's time for evening tea and to discuss what to do for Diwali this year around. Dad always has some plans to take all of us to our religious Gurus every time we are together for their blessings and good luck.
It was time to meet some relatives and plan to buy firecrackers from some store in a remote area outside town. We spent a lot of money grabbing the best firecrackers in store. My wife and mother were busy decorating the house with flowers and other stuff. I was sent early in the morning to fetch 3 kgs of flowers along with roses for the decoration. The lights were also decorated on the roof walls by the electrician and I took care of the other lights for inside the house. 

We bought some good gifts to give them to relatives and visited each of them. Every time you visit any relative during Diwali festival, you get to eat a lot of stuff. We were fully stuffed with food, dry fruits, home made desserts, chat and tea/coffee. Finally the day arrived and relatives started visiting our house and we enjoyed serving them as they served us with love and care. 

It was the time to light the Diya's and take some blessings from Lord Almightly. It was the time to be grateful for everything we had and all the things we will have in our future. It was the time to celebrate the togetherness of family. 

My brother and me were waiting for all the prayers and everything to end so that we could start on firecrackers. We called all our relatives to a common place to lit the firecrackers. We had some great time of fun and laughter together. It did caused a lot of sound & air pollution and I thought that I will discontinue the use of firecrackers or at least will minimize the same from next year.

Looking forward to have an awesome festival time this year around too and wishing everyone the same. I wish all of you gets health, wealth and prosperity on this festival of lights. May light of hope enters every human being and World achieves Peace. 


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