Sunday 26 October 2014

Savanna's #QuestForZest #Summer - Limited Edition Angry Lemon

Hi Guys, 

Summer is the most enjoyable time in some countries and we all want to go out & enjoy ourselves with our loved ones in different tourist destinations. Even if we are not going anywhere we do a lot of Braai and get together to bring all the fun home. Savanna is one brand which definitely brings a lot of summer action to those who enjoy the real taste of Cider. 

Here’s some good news for all the summer lovers out there. It’s a new, ultra-refreshing Limited Edition Savanna Dry Angry Lemon – available for this summer only. With a refreshing splash of zesty lemon, you’ll want to join the #QuestForZest and try it while you can. 

Bringing you the quirky side of dry, new Savanna Dry Limited Edition Angry Lemon is a proudly South African, all natural premium cider with an added splash of lemon and an ever-so-dry attitude.

A new cider innovation, Savanna Dry Angry Lemon is a great choice. It’s the same familiar crisp, dry cider we all know and love, but with an added twist of lemon for a distinctively fresh taste. Stay refreshed all summer with Savanna’s Limited Edition Angry Lemon and visit your nearest liquor store or favorite watering hole.  

Live it up and enjoy summer with Savanna’s famous dry range of Premium Cider – Dry, Dark, Light and now, Limited Edition Angry Lemon. You are any which ways in love with Savanna’s Dry, Dark and Light flavors, so this is the time to cherish a new taste and if you don’t like it, you have something to fall back on. But this won’t happen as Lemons is what we like the most in salads, veggies, pickles, soft drinks, cocktails/mocktails so when it is in Savanna it will definitely make you go for it

For more information visit, be part of the action on or join the conversation on Twitter @SavannaCider #QuestForZest and #AngryLemon. 


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