Tuesday 8 February 2022

New Year Resolutions - Week 4 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

Week 4 of January is the month when the mind started to become more and more cluttered as a lot of chaos entered my life during this week. The family planned to go to India and had to do a lot of admin work for the travel requirements during these Covid-19 Onmicron times. I never like doing the paperwork for anything and it's the most fearing factor in my life which I want to run away always. It's true for even submitting medical bills for insurance claims too where money is involved so it's not that I fear the admin work only place where money is not involved. I generally adopt a 2-minute principle to achieve this task to sort out the paperwork and submit 1 bill within the 2 minutes cycle or to print all papers in one go etc. 

Week 4 - 22 Jan 2022 (Sat) to 28 Jan 2022 (Fri)

1. Walking - Walking remains one of the most passionate products but still I was not able to complete the 200k steps as per Samsung Health tracking in the month of Jan 2022 whereas I completed about 105 kilometres in total. This is great since April 2020 when I completed around 180 kilometres in a single month at the start of lockdown. 

2. Launch Events - Huawei Mobiles South Africa launched their Huawei Nova Y9a for ZAR 6499 and the same happened at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Sandton. The goodies received were socks, a diary and a humidifier and grateful to the brand for the same and I have already given them away to my daughter as she wanted to have a bullet journal. 

3. Entertainment - I watched Bhaukaal Season 2 which I really loved because of the acting of the various actors especially the villains in the new web series. The villain brothers in the web series have really brought out the fear factor to the extreme which makes it a powerful performance to watch out for. 

4. Books/Audiobooks - I completed The Steal Like an Artist Audio trilogy of Austin Kleon and also listened to the New One Minute Manager by Spencer Johnson and Ken Blanchard. I would love to own the Austin Kleon books in a paper edition soon as Ali Abdaal also confirmed the same that he reads them in around 20 min each as and when he wants to read them. Even his blog posts are a really good time to spend if you have time. I really liked the idea of Ankur Warikoo in one of his videos where he told that he listens to all the books and then make a conscious decision to buy the physical copy once he likes the audiobook. So far this year, I have found that the Psychology of Money and Austin Kleon books are worth your money for paperback editions. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 4 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay
5. Family - Reyansh went to India with his mom and maternal grandmother. It's the first time he will be staying there alone without Keisha and me. We are already missing him a lot as he used to keep roaming around the house from one room to another enjoying and entertaining all of us. He is our lifeline for sure and I wish to be him as soon as possible. It also now gives me time to spend a lot of time with Keisha as we go to different food joints around the city every week and have lunch or dinner or make Maggi at home together. My father's health went down really fast due to high blood pressure and strong medications and it was a terrifying experience. We had to plan to bring Reyansh to him so that he can feel fine seeing and playing with him as Shradha and Reyansh were travelling already as it happened. Earlier they intended to stay at Shradha's brother home but then they stayed isolated at my home in case they have caught covid during the long travel time to India in flights. Things are improving now but still on medications at least he is happy to see Reyansh in his naughty avatar now as last he was a small boy of 2 years and now grown up to become 4 years old. He will also celebrate his 4th birthday in India and it will be the first time I will miss his birthday. I have missed Keisha's birthdays and still feel guilty about the same. 

6. Money - This was also the week where I got my monthly cheque from my organisation for the work done in my company for the month of January 2022 which has been hectic throughout for sure. Arigato for all the money that was deposited into my bank account and will be able to bring food and shelter to my family. 

7. General Knowledge - I am a big fan of quiz contests and used to attend a lot of such events in New Delhi whenever I come to know of one. This year I participated in one for my organisation online for a quick test comprised of 30 questions to be completed in 15 minutes. I sailed through the test at the fastest speed possible. I am feeling guilty about not being able to go with my first prompt of knowing that this is the flag of South Korea which I clicked and thought that they must be asking some hard questions and maybe this one will be North Korea flag out of 4 options provided. I should have thought that North Korea will have something of red colour in it for sure whereas the South Korea flag is more white. Moving on from your mistakes and learning from them is one of the best parts of life which I have to implement and Quizzing prepares you for the same. 

8. Social Media Posts - The same was scheduled and going on at the same time every day. It's so relaxing if you have the content scheduled and I plan to adopt the same philosophy for the Youtube and Blog posts too by end of February 2022. Always make a plan to do it and it will bring a lot of consistency in your life and calmness in your mind. To further work on this activity, I can make a calendar where the posts go every few days on YT and blog which concurrently works on the posts well in advance. Currently, I am writing and posting in real-time. So much to learn, explore and execute too. 

Finally, I love writing and connecting the dots every week rather than the yearly ones. Let's see if this is possible in short term to connect the dots or not? I love the speech from Steve Jobs at Stanford and if you have still not heard it ever, please visit this link and enjoy the best 20 minutes of your life going forward after spending it on this video. I wish success for you! 

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