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Sunday, 18 August 2019

#TheLifesWayReviews @BodyGlove Mini Earbuds #Bluetooth @Gammatek #bodyglove #GammaTek

Hi Friends, 

I love earphones and I attract them in my life more than anything else. If I participate in any contest the prize will be earphones or headphones and if I get a goodies bag there it will be some kind of earphones and headphones. If I go to some event or expo, there also I will get a lot of cheap earphones at the various stalls. My life it seems is revolving around all kinds of earphones - cheaps ones to the expensive ones for review. 
#TheLifesWayReviews @BodyGlove Mini Earbuds #Bluetooth @Gammatek #bodyglove #GammaTek
I received these Body Glove Mini Bluetooth Earbuds from Gammatek as a replacement for my Airstream earphones which was not working perfectly. And man these ones are on my ears since the day it arrived. I wear it all the time, in office, during my practice walks for 25kms and in the actual 25km walk. These are really some great earphones in a small package when I first saw them, I didn't think them to become so close to my heart. 
#TheLifesWayReviews @BodyGlove Mini Earbuds #Bluetooth @Gammatek #bodyglove #GammaTek
Let's see these earphones in a detailed review on my blog and all the photos are taken using the Canon 77D Camera on my desk at home. The first thing to observe is the small charging case which can also keep the earphones inside while you travel or to carry with you and to recharge in case the battery dies on them after use. The charging case has built-in 300mAh Li-Polymer battery which can easily charge the 48mAh earbuds max 3 times fully in around 1 and half hour. The charging case is charged using the MicroUSB cable and a red light shows the same. There are also holes at the top of the charging case to show that earbuds are also getting charged. Once earbuds are fully charged, the light on the top turns itself off.
#TheLifesWayReviews @BodyGlove Mini Earbuds #Bluetooth @Gammatek #bodyglove #GammaTek
These Body Glove earbuds are Bluetooth v4.2 enabled with HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP profiles supported. The operating range for these earbuds is only 10 meters as compared to others where it's marked at 30 meters. But I think it's kept small to keep the earbuds close to your devices. The music playback time which I could get on these earbuds is around 2 hours 30 minutes on a full charge. My 15km walk generally takes me around 3 hours to complete and in one charge I can easily come back on this BodyGlove Earbuds. You can accept the calls also on this device and on my earbuds, I can only listen on the right side earbuds and nothing comes on the left side. I am not sure if this is the defective piece or these are built that way. 
#TheLifesWayReviews @BodyGlove Mini Earbuds #Bluetooth @Gammatek #bodyglove #GammaTek
Using Body Glove Mini Bluetooth Earbuds is easy as it will turn automatically ON when taken out from the charging case and also turns themselves OFF when inserted back into the charging case and closing the lid. The earbuds are equipped with Multi-function buttons (MFB) and you can do several operations using the same. Switch them ON and OFF by pressing them for 2 seconds. The right and left earbuds always play a voice prompt to tell that they are ready to be connected to your smartphones or whatever Bluetooth enabled gadget you are using. You can use these earbuds to answer or reject a call, increase volume up and down, skipping to previous and next songs, pausing and playing the music along with resetting all pairing records to start afresh. These earbuds are only 4.6 grams each and total weight will be 41 grams.
#TheLifesWayReviews @BodyGlove Mini Earbuds #Bluetooth @Gammatek #bodyglove #GammaTek
In the last let's come down to the audio performance as that's the main thing these earbuds are built for. The earbuds are powered using 6mm drivers with impedence of 16 Ohms and sensitivity of 90+-3dB. The driver frequency range will be 20-20kHz as generally mentioned for all these earbuds and headphones. The earbuds have a balanced sound and really gives a solid impact on your ears. It's not bass boosted but has a little bit of the same in the right amount. It's like a surround sound effect using both the earbuds positioned rightly into your ears. In this small package, the audio effects on these earbuds are amazingly great. I totally fell in love with these and these are my carryable earbuds in my pockets all the time. Thanks to Body Glove and Gammatek for sending the same. 
#TheLifesWayReviews @BodyGlove Mini Earbuds #Bluetooth @Gammatek #bodyglove #GammaTek
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