Saturday 5 February 2022

New Year Resolutions - Week 3 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

We are in Week 3 for the month of January 2022 and the fast pace execution is slowing down and one-minded concentration is now getting into multiple tasks along the way. This is leading to a kind of irritation along with some of the other life tasks that have now started to emerge. I am sure soon the office is going to be opened and the travel time and other things will need to be aligned for your goals. It's going to be a great year to work on all the productivity strategies. I am going strong in my book reading exercise as I am more focussed on the same but it has impacted the speed of shooting videos for my youtube channel. 

Week 3 - 15 Jan 2022 (Sat) to 21 Jan 2022 (Fri)

1. Walking remained a consistent activity which I did some of the days and completed my quota of 20 kilometres for the week. the same serves me two purposes as I am able to listen to the audiobooks along the way as well and secondly its some time is spent in the fresh air outside and see nature and buildings around my home. 

2. Books/Audiobooks - I spend time reading Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo but didn't like it much other than the last few letters to his kids which are really heartfelt. I don't like the books which turns from blog posts into books as if you have read the same earlier there is no value addition that can come from these books. But I still like his Youtube videos and watch them sometimes on the go. 

3. Launch Events - This week was the first event that I attended for Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator at Design Quarters which was really cool and I got a goodies box that had a small notepad made up of carpet material along with a leather string. Getting ready to go to the event was really good and also I loved some of the snacks there. It also happened on the birthday of my wife so we went to dinner with family after the winner was revealed at the launch event. We also celebrated my son's birthday in his school. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 3 Achievements & Failures #TheLifesWay
4. Entertainment - I watched the Dexter: New Blood series of all 8 episodes this week. I have watched Dexter all seasons previously long ago in Johannesburg and it was a good nostalgia to watch it again in a new city and new storyline. All these serials which come after a long gap are just trying to revive the lost fame etc with a new one but all of them fails miserably. And also you will observe it's mostly produced by the main protagonist himself or herself to revive her career if it's not going fine. 

5. Social Media Posts - The scheduling of posts is working better as I am getting some likes along the way but I am not checking them other than some likes here and there. It helps me be consistent on the IG and FB channels so that there is something going on all the time. If there are some comments, I reply immediately. 

6. Daily Prayers - It's been a priority during the past few weeks and I was able to complete 35xYears of Hanuman Chalisa by the end of the week. Still going good in this part of my life. 

7. Review Units - During this week I got some review gadgets which you will see soon enough. I am enjoying them and having fun playing with the same. Soon I will post more images of them on my Instagram handle. Epson Projector and Fujifilm Instax wide link Printer are the two gadgets we are talking about. 

8. Thank You - I completed the 100k count for the month and then took it further till 22300 by the mid of the week but since then I have lost my counter which made this activity bring to a halt. I plan to go and buy the same from China Mall soon. 

9. Investing - I have again started investing to make my money work for me and started investing in Mutual Funds for time being. I have identified 5 companies to invest some money in every month. Let's see how this goes as I start my journey towards financial freedom. I want to have sufficient funds to enjoy my life along with securing the future of my kids from home, education and health perspectives. 

Week 3 has been a good one if I see it now with all these life important tasks getting completed. I am grateful to Universe for helping me design my life the way I want it to be. I wish the same for you! Amen!

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