Sunday, 16 May 2021

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Mar 2020 #TheLifesWay

 Hi Friends, 

March 2020 was the time when the Covid-19 has hit the world all around and the whole world came to a standstill with lockdown in place. People were buying toilet papers and sanitisers in bulk and collecting a lot of cigarettes and alcohol as you don't know what you will need and how long the lockdown will last too. 

 - The month of March started with a blogger brunch with La Vie En Rose restaurant in Killarney Country Club and I totally enjoyed meeting with other fellow bloggers. It was a pleasant morning and totally loved eating at the club and capturing the beauty of food and place. 

2. My Tryst with #Loadshedding - Is it New or Lifelong? - Loadshedding is still happening and feels like we are never going to overcome this in our lives. I wrote this article from my life experience in India and South Africa thereafter. The electricity never used to go in the Sandton area but lately, it has been a regular in this locality too but I have the Buco Hardware sponsored Magneto Rechargeable Compact LED with me which I am carrying everywhere now and is available for R200 for 2 at Pick n Pay. 

3. #TheLifesWayReviews - #FujifilmXT100 Camera @Fujifilm_SA #7YearsofTheLifesWay #1950Post - - I got the opportunity to review the new Fujifilm XT100 camera which was really something and I took it for a ride around the town and even won some prizes using the same. The compact size of the camera makes it portable and also the look and feel of this camera is superb. 
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Mar 2020 #TheLifesWay
Taken using the Google Pixel 4 camera of my brother who came from the USA to meet us in Dubai

The work from home situation gave some time where I revived the photo series which I used to do at the start of my blogging career and also a trip to Dubai really gave me a lot of material to post as the place is lovely and ready to be shared with all my readers and social media followers. Enjoy some of these posts which I posted in March 2020. 

5. #TheLifesWayReviews - #UFlex #Bluetooth Headphones @SamsungMobileSA #ProductReview - - I also started putting a lot of pending blog posts for all the gadgets I own or won in my life. Samsung uFlex is one of the wireless earphones which I have owned for many years but used very less but during the lockdown, I used them aggressively and shared my opinion. I have also gifted 3 pairs of Samsung uFlex to my friends so far too as I won them during some of the launch events in Sandton City and their Twitter contest. Throughout this year and last year, Samsung is distributing Galaxy Buds+ but I didn't have so much luck winning any pair. Let's continue to participate and let's see what the future holds for me. 

Life will give you something which you need to think about and take decisions and then enjoy the benefit or failure of those decisions, but never stop making them at all. Keep on making them and strengthening your thinking pattern. Connect the dots and keep relooking at all your mistakes but taking some time out from all the social media, phone and other disturbing chaos to be yourself. It can be spending some time at a local cafe and enjoying a pot of tea or a cold milkshake. 

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