Wednesday 4 March 2020

#BloggersBrunch2020 to Remember @LaVieEnRose17 #KCCLaVieEnRose #TLWReviews

Hi Friends,

Being on International holidays means missing so much action in Johannesburg and I missed a lot of them during my time in India and Dubai. Some of the events which I really wanted to be part of and was waiting for the invites also got missed. But sooner than later, Universe serves you something to fulfill for all those things. I was invited to the Blogger's Brunch at La Vie En Rose Restaurant inside Killarney Country Club in Johannesburg, South Africa on 29th Feb 2020. 
#BloggersBrunch2020 to Remember @LaVieEnRose17 #KCCLaVieEnRose
I started off by clicking the photographs featured here and also on my Instagram page using the Canon 77D and Samsung Note 8 smartphone. 
#BloggersBrunch2020 to Remember @LaVieEnRose17 #KCCLaVieEnRose
Caramel Banana Flapjacks
I totally fell in love with the taste of this Caramel Banana Flapjacks and I love sweet things and this was divine. 
#BloggersBrunch2020 to Remember @LaVieEnRose17 #KCCLaVieEnRose
Fried Halloumi
I thought I will be able to finish 2 pieces of the cheese but I was stuffed after eating just one. You shall never fill your plate instead take one piece and then finish that and go pick another one if still hungry. Lesson learned!
#BloggersBrunch2020 to Remember @LaVieEnRose17 #KCCLaVieEnRose
French Toast
French Toast was special as it has some cheese and nuts filling inside which made it unique. 
#BloggersBrunch2020 to Remember @LaVieEnRose17 #KCCLaVieEnRose
Nutella Stuffed Pancakes
I didn't leave a single piece of Nutella stuffed pancake on my plate as I licked my fingers too after eating this one. 
#BloggersBrunch2020 to Remember @LaVieEnRose17 #KCCLaVieEnRose
I am not a big fan of spinach but my wife told me that it's a really nice one. 
#BloggersBrunch2020 to Remember @LaVieEnRose17 #KCCLaVieEnRose
Blueberry Scorns
Blueberry Scorns are healthy as well as less in sugar and really goes well with Tea or coffee. Do try out the Turkish Tea as the aroma of the same is divine. 
#BloggersBrunch2020 to Remember @LaVieEnRose17 #KCCLaVieEnRose
Cheese & Olive Bourekas
I don't like olives but my wife ate this special dish and totally loved the same. 
#BloggersBrunch2020 to Remember @LaVieEnRose17 #KCCLaVieEnRose
Yuan Martin from Alternative Media
Yuan Martin is the guy from Alternative Media which is the PR company for La Vie En Rose at Killarney Country Club and welcomed all the guests. He personally met and thanked everyone to come to the event. I am grateful that I was invited to the same.
#BloggersBrunch2020 to Remember @LaVieEnRose17 #KCCLaVieEnRose
Rony Muller - Co-Owner of La Vie En Rose KCC
Rony Muller is the co-owner of La Vie En Rose KCC and has been in the hospitality industry forever. She is one who chose many of us and sent the list to Alternative Media. I am pleased that I got selected to be part of this great morning brunch on a special date i.e. 29th Feb 2020 which once in a while. I wish the restaurant all the very best and looking forward to going and relax there with my family on some of the weekends.

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