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Monday, 30 March 2020

#TheLifesWayCaptures - @LaMerDubai #LaMerDubai #Meraas III #PhotoReviews

Hi Friends,

A beautiful view from the Arabian Gulf looking towards the city of skyscrapers and what a view! Life is good when you are near the sea as they say the Vitamin Sea takes away all your stress and soothes your nerves. Check out all the other parts of this three-part series on my blog
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @LaMerDubai #LaMerDubai #Meraas III #PhotoReviews
La Mer Dubai by Meraas has something which makes it joyful and gives happy vibes to all the visitors. Look at this lovely and playful dolphin ruling the La Mer Beach and bringing all the necessary vibes. It reminds me of the love and passion I have for my new Instagram handle /thelifesway
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @LaMerDubai #LaMerDubai #Meraas III #PhotoReviews
The Meraas built this property in a world-class fashion to make Dubai Life much better with its several rewards programs at La Mer Dubai. The use of wood slabs and palm trees really brings the pirates of the Caribbean ship look of the whole place. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @LaMerDubai #LaMerDubai #Meraas III #PhotoReviews
The place is filled with a lot of shopping extravaganza and foodies paradise. A thing I have observed in Dubai is that even at value restaurants the food is tasty and you can fill your stomach for as low as AED 20 including a soft-drink or hot drink. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @LaMerDubai #LaMerDubai #Meraas III #PhotoReviews
My small one 2 years old Reyansh really loved entering the sea with his mother and sister. My brother too joined them for a while and Reyansh stayed inside till he was totally wet and needed a change of clothes later.  
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @LaMerDubai #LaMerDubai #Meraas III #PhotoReviews
The place is filled with wonders like this Doodle vent for the parking and basements make this whole place a unique experience. Even the beach has covered changing space for a single person and also there are showers to take a bath and also if you only want to wash your hands and feet, there are separate taps which I have never seen anywhere in the world. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @LaMerDubai #LaMerDubai #Meraas III #PhotoReviews
In the end, La Mer has my heart flying like a balloon in the air while I try to catch it back and also my breath. I wish I could have visited the place in the evening when the lights are fully lit and the place will look golden on the white sands of the Arabian Gulf at La Mer Beach 2.5 kilometers long in Dubai

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