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Friday, 27 March 2020

#TheLifesWayCaptures - @HafizMustafa_tr #HafizMustafa II @TheDubaiMall #PhotoReviews

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You can imagine how difficult is it to sustain the confectionary business where we see that the chocolates we used to eat in our childhood are no longer in the country and we are talking about the shop which was opened in Hamidiye Street during the Ottoman Empire in 1864 and is still standing tall.
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @HafizMustafa_tr #HafizMustafa Final @TheDubaiMall #PhotoReviews
Though founded by the father named Ismail Hakki Zade, the shop is on the name of his son Hafiz Mustafa who invented and founded Pogaca which are palm-sized buns with or without any kind of filling. Though father also was selling Akide which is hard candy.
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @HafizMustafa_tr #HafizMustafa Final @TheDubaiMall #PhotoReviews
Hafiz Mustafa was so good that he won 11 awards in Europe between 1926 to 1938 for his delicacies in the field of confectionary. Later his son Cecil took over before taken over by his wife and daughter. This is told that during this time the professionalism to be the world leaders made the confectionary gain word of mouth.
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @HafizMustafa_tr #HafizMustafa Final @TheDubaiMall #PhotoReviews
The company has changed hands thrice in the last 156 years of history and always been serving customers from around the world with the best of Baklavas, Turkish delights, hard candies, milk puddings, cakes, and many more items.
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @HafizMustafa_tr #HafizMustafa Final @TheDubaiMall #PhotoReviews
Despite being such a successful brand, the staff was cordial and helped to get you to your tongue's experimentation with various kinds of flavors with all respect. They never told no or pressured you to buy because they know you will as the taste slowly grows on you if you are eating for the first time also.
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @HafizMustafa_tr #HafizMustafa Final @TheDubaiMall #PhotoReviews
They offer sweets in different containers which can be called as gift-ready or collectibles if you like tin containers to keep your valuables later. Also, you can choose a single piece of different items and they will pack everything for you to enjoy at your leisure at home.
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @HafizMustafa_tr #HafizMustafa Final @TheDubaiMall #PhotoReviews
The baklava is mouth-watering and my wife totally loved the Pista version of the same. I really liked the Turkish delight in the Pomegranate flavor. The rates will be a bit higher as already told as compared to the rates at Duty-free shops in airports offering various other kinds of Turkish delights and baklava.
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @HafizMustafa_tr #HafizMustafa Final @TheDubaiMall #PhotoReviews
If you are visiting Istanbul or Dubai, do check out this shop in Dubai Mall if in Dubai and check more of the picture in my first part of Hafiz Mustafa Photo Review. As I am reminding myself, my mouth is watering to get these delicacies again in my life sometime soon. Till that time keep safe and enjoy the next post and don't forget to follow me on TheLifesWay

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