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Friday, 20 March 2020

#TheLifesWayCaptures - Miracle Garden #Dubai #UAE Continues - #PhotoReviews

Hi Friends,

As told that it will be difficult to do capture all the spots available inside Dubai Miracle Garden in a single post here I bring you another one from my collection of photographs clicked with the equipment I have bought over the years. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - Miracle Garden #Dubai #UAE Continues - #PhotoReviews
Keisha totally loved the walk inside the garden and she was always on her phone taking a lot of selfies. I have yet to see what she clicked using her smartphone in Dubai and India trips. I hope I will be able to make her into a good photographer and may find some gems taken by her during our holidays. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - Miracle Garden #Dubai #UAE Continues - #PhotoReviews
The garden doesn't have roses or other expensive flowers but just created using the normal flowers which can be grown in different colors and the overall creation using those resources is awesome. I don't have great knowledge of flowers but I do know the difference between roses and the flowers inside this park. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - Miracle Garden #Dubai #UAE Continues - #PhotoReviews
As mentioned on the website - ''Dubai Miracle Garden’s breathtaking landscaping has earned two Guinness World Records for the largest vertical garden in 2013 and the world’s largest floral sculpture forming the shape of an Airbus A380 in 2016'' which is a great feature in itself. It's a must-visit place in Dubai if you love flowers and what can be done using the same.
#TheLifesWayCaptures - Miracle Garden #Dubai #UAE Continues - #PhotoReviews
The most amazing this is that you will feel that you are in a Desert area which will be arid but Dubai is one of the city which will amaze you with all its installations and activations. You can do a lot of activities in Dubai and will never be bored despite being in a desert. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - Miracle Garden #Dubai #UAE Continues - #PhotoReviews
The place is unique and my words are failing to describe the beauty of the gardens. It has everything from swings to hammocks. It was my first time in life to lie on a hammock and I totally fell in love. I and my kids enjoyed the swings ride and relaxed on the hammocks. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - Miracle Garden #Dubai #UAE Continues - #PhotoReviews
There are art installations that I couldn't even capture due to a lot of sunlight and asked to take photos of the whole family one by one in front of the desired places. I have many more photos that are definitely Instagram ready and I will start sharing them too on my travel-related Instagram handle starting today. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - Miracle Garden #Dubai #UAE Continues - #PhotoReviews
In the end, I will say that I left my heart in Dubai and there is no coming back from that place. I have not been traveling to any of the destinations for the last 3 years and now when I have traveled I have created a lot of memories to cherish forever. My 40th year on this Planet Earth is definitely making my all dreams come true and I wish the same for you! 

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