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Sunday, 29 March 2020

#TheLifesWayCaptures - @LaMerDubai #LaMerDubai #Meraas II #PhotoReviews

Hi Friends,

Beach vibes are always something that attracts us a lot and La Mer Dubai is a perfect spot to enjoy all day long. We spent some 2-3 hours at the location and totally loved the same. This is a great spot to do a picnic with the family.  
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @LaMerdubai #LaMerDubai #Meraas II #PhotoReviews
The La Mer Dubai is filled with Graffiti walls which are Instagram and Tik Tok ready. I was not able to take all the photos for all the walls as I felt really tired due to the harsh sunshine. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @LaMerdubai #LaMerDubai #Meraas II #PhotoReviews
I saw a lot of people walking and parking in the normal streets and crossing the streets towards La Mer where we parked underground in the parking. I only understood why they were doing so as the parking inside was AED20 per hour and I paid AED40 for my stay there in cash. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @LaMerdubai #LaMerDubai #Meraas II #PhotoReviews
But despite the high cost of parking inside the mall, the place is totally urbane and chic worthy of spending such a huge amount of money on parking. I am now not telling what it will cost for the ice creams etc as this place is not for cheap bargains etc. It will give you pleasure if you can spend some money. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @LaMerdubai #LaMerDubai #Meraas II #PhotoReviews
Keisha really loved the Turkish Icecream playing with her as he served the ice cream in a unique style which is not only fun to watch but brings much more fun. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @LaMerdubai #LaMerDubai #Meraas II #PhotoReviews
There is always something for everyone to do at La Mer Dubai as kids played under the small fountains and parents did bring extra clothes for them. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @LaMerdubai #LaMerDubai #Meraas II #PhotoReviews
I really loved this full-wall graffiti of local people being representing that person of every culture in whatever clothes - traditional or fashionable is welcome at La Mer Dubai and can enjoy his or her life with his or her family and friends. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - @LaMerdubai #LaMerDubai #Meraas II #PhotoReviews
Here is the first view of the beach overlooking the Burj Khalifa skyscrapers making Dubai what it is and fetching a lot of footfall and tourists from around the world. Go check it out! 

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