Sunday 16 May 2021

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Apr 2020 #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

April 2020 is the month where I got to know that I have been released from the project and in the last 6 years of my life in South Africa, I have never been on the bench and this was the first time I will go into a route where my deputation will be ended. The project was going to be difficult to find during this corona time and it took me more than 10 months to come back and find a project in South Africa. All the benefits were stopped from house rent, insurance and other allowances and I was on savings for all these months. The Indian salary I was getting was less than the home rent I was paying here in South Africa. But nonetheless, it gave me an understanding that you need to start increasing your salary and you should make full use of your knowledge and cash it in the market. The savings are required to be more than a year of expenses rather than the 3 months as told by Wealth managers. That works in general conditions, but when you are in a global pandemic situation, you need to have cash in hand rather than investments which all must have fallen during this pandemic and won't fetch you the principal amount too. 

The Life's Way crossed 3 Million Pageviews on 16-May-2021 in 2281 Blogposts.

1. OmniProtect Sanitizing Spray Partnering To Donate 4000lt to 4 Communities #SprayItForward - - OmniProtect sent me some 24 cases of their sanitizing spray which not only helped me during this whole lockdown in South Africa but also gave them away on my daughters birthday in return gift to all the kids invited too. I have bought some other sanitisers but this one is still serving us well with some cans still to go in 2021. Thanks to OmniProtect for the same. 

2. #TheLifesWayReviews - #HuaweiFreeLace Earphones @HuaweiZA #ProductReview - Huawei FreeLace I got from one of their launch event goodies and since then I have been using them as they come in one of my favourite colour - Orange. They are a really good audio product and with advance features, like automatic pause and play if you keep magnetic earbuds attached and it's so easy to keep in your neck. I even took them to India and listened to them during my flight but the battery was dying fast which I came to know is because I didn't have Huawei Smartphone which will help to install the latest firmware on the device. I did that immediately after reaching India from my wife's Huawei P20 Pro smartphone and then the performance improved thereafter. I even liked them much better than the Huawei FreeBuds3 I got from Huawei during the lockdown in March 2020 but due to the comfort of the wireless and tangle less nature of Freebuds3, I stuck to them during the lockdown and thereafter. 
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Apr 2020 #TheLifesWay
The Life's Way crossed 3 Million Pageviews on 16-May-2021 in 2281 Blogposts

The Dubai series continued and it was so difficult to cover Global Village in a single post so it continued for about 7 posts in all together. Do enjoy the Global Village in Dubai which is just only AED15 entry fees and then you eat and buy whatever you want to try out. It's a big marketplace for all the countries surrounding UAE. 

I started posting a lot of photo reviews of South Africa travel journeys across many years and also a lot of trips to the Kruger National Park. I really loved posting and bringing all the travel memories back to mind and sharing with the people who generally think of South Africa as an unsafe country to travel to. 

Some of the posts were kind of motivational messages along with some photos I clicked randomly so I combined the content with the visual effects to bring about a story. I am now sure if you will like it or not but I really loved writing all of them. When you start doing some daily posts then not only do you achieve a lot of work but also some new creative ideas start flowing inside your brain. The universe loves speed and if you execute faster then you definitely achieve a lot. 

April 2020 was a strict lockdown and people were still caught inside the home, taking all the precautions and doing all the exercises assigned to everyone on social media platforms like baking banana loaf bread, or making special kinds of Coffees. Lockdown has really brought out the creative sides of a lot of people who could channelise it on a daily basis. 

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