Monday 23 March 2020

#TheLifesWayCaptures - Dubai Marina Mall #Dubai #UAE - #PhotoReviews

Hi Friends,

Emaar is one of the biggest property developers in Dubai, UAE. Other than them I could see DAMAC, Meraas, and DP Group and there must be many more which I was not able to recognize or recall in my short 96 hours trip in Dubai. 
Dubai Marina Mall is full of shops with all your favorite retailers trading throughout the day. I didn't enter any of the shops as shopping was not on my agenda and seeing the place was the top priority. And I didn't find the price difference too much so as to buy further as my bags were already overflooded with the things bought from India already. 
The area is surrounded by many hotels and in this picture, it's Crown Plaza which really became visible due to this white mesh. The one thing I observed in my trip is that even the grills outside homes or shopping places parking area it's all different designs and no design gets repeated in the same area. 
The lights in the night are enough to make your walk easy and make you feel like a great flashing city vibrating with energy, music, and vibes. It feels so great to see day in the night but the only problem is that you need to close your curtains as I lived on 38th floor in Airbnb apartment and it was difficult to sleep with windows open due to neon lights. 
The river near the buildings makes it always look great for morning and evening walks. I saw a lot of people running and jogging in the morning and evenings. The city is well connected with trams, buses, tubes and multiple sources of public transports. 
I missed traveling in the ferry which I generally always makes a point as it gives a great angle from the mid of the river for taking the shores photos. You need to be really rich to enjoy all the luxuries in Dubai but you can also survive as there are restaurants and takeaways offering a full-fledged meal in around AED12-17 which is enough to make your tummy full. Also, Zomato Dubai offers a lot of offers to get your food delivered at home and it will save on the parking that you need to pay everywhere you park your car. More on the other stories later in the series!!!

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