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Thursday, 19 March 2020

#TheLifesWayCaptures - Miracle Garden #Dubai #UAE - #PhotoReviews

Hi Friends, 

I was thinking of and kept thinking about launching this series of posts and since last year I only thought and there was no action as I was totally tired and it led to irritation as a whole. It only when I took a break from work and went to India for holidays and while return saw Dubai for the first time that I revived my habits of execution like at the starting years of my blog. I am going to promise to my readers and followers that I am going to create content exclusively thought by my mind and captured by my heart in words and photos. Let's go and Action starts now! 

The overall format of this series will consist of 5 and more images and I am not going to mention any of the camera and smartphone brands with which I took photos as all the products are bought by myself unless specified otherwise. The more images can be found out on my new photography Instagram channel ( rather than personal ( where the focus will be day to day living with brands. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - Miracle Garden #Dubai #UAE - #PhotoReviews
Aashish Rai - Founder and Editor #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra
It was a trip planned and executed despite several challenges faced by myself and my wife Shradha. We were able to get everyone on the plane to reach Dubai around the same time and enjoy the next 96 hours in the city. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - Miracle Garden #Dubai #UAE - #PhotoReviews
We really wanted to see the Dubai Miracle Garden but my brother who came from the USA has some work to do so he stayed and waited in the car while we went on for a walk in the gardens. The ticket price is AED 55 for adults and kids between the age of 3-12 years is AED 40. Kids less than 3 years old are free so Reyansh went free.
#TheLifesWayCaptures - Miracle Garden #Dubai #UAE - #PhotoReviews
When it came to converting I had spent around R1355 for 5 adults and 1 kid and the most important thing is to remember when they ask to charge always says the local currency. Here I told them ZAR and there was around 9% markup on the conversion rates. I could have saved some rands if told them to charge in AED rather than ZAR on FNB Credit Card. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - Miracle Garden #Dubai #UAE - #PhotoReviews
The miracle garden is kind of circular where you walk all the way from left to right or right to left as per your wish. There are shops and small restaurants to eat on one side of the walkway. The place is always full of a lot of people taking selfies and the selfie stick is a very popular item in Dubai. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - Miracle Garden #Dubai #UAE - #PhotoReviews
There are several themes in the Miracle Garden and as I came to know they change them every year and this year it was more of Disney theme. The park is closed every year for a certain number of days while it rejuvenates itself and you are prompted to come to the park again every year. The best part is that you will feel walking in a Garden of Heaven and your eyes won't be able to capture all the beauty all around you. You definitely need to spend the whole day here to capture all the sights or at least 5 hours for complete relaxation. 
#TheLifesWayCaptures - Miracle Garden #Dubai #UAE - #PhotoReviews
The only thing that never changes is Emirate airplane covered with a lot of flowers and it's the most favorite spot inside the Dubai Miracle Garden. I think I won't be able to do justice in a single post so the series will continue somedays later to maintain the curiosity within myself and goal to do another post. 

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