Friday 18 December 2020

4 Great Reasons to Use @HuaweiZA #PetalSearch - A Mobile-first #SearchEngine

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Having given users a new search engine for the mobile era, Huawei’s Petal Search is specially developed and designed primarily for the online user experience of its device users. As an internet user, you likely interact with the web mostly via your mobile device, so it’s useful to have a search service that has a mobile-first approach, providing an optimal search experience for your handheld device.
4 Great Reasons to Use @HuaweiZA #PetalSearch, A Mobile-first #SearchEngine

Petal Search is that search service. Here are just four reasons why it’s a cool tool to use.

1. Find just about anything you are looking for
With vast search capabilities on Petal Search, you can get any information, apps, and services easily in more than 20 categories. Whether you heard about a new cool mobile app you would like to download and try out, or you simply want to keep abreast of the latest global and local news, or you need to quickly and conveniently shop for items online, Petal Search has all your needs covered. Providing localised search services, you can search for services from local businesses, book flights, and much more. 

2. Search results are neatly presented in information cards
When you search, rather than presenting your search results in numerous visually bland links, Petal Search collates the search results into 300-plus types of information cards in a way that is visually engaging and easy to navigate for the user, and according to the users’ needs.

3. Multi-search inputs: Text, voice and visual search for your search convenience
Sometimes your hands can get tied up in a time when you really need to do a quick online search. Luckily, with Petal Search, you can just use your voice in place of a text search when you press the mic icon and speak into the device speaker, and Petal Search will give you your required search results. 

4 Great Reasons to Use @HuaweiZA #PetalSearch, A Mobile-first #SearchEngine

Think about how convenient that is. Imagine you are baking, hands all covered in a mess of flour and dough, but you need to grab your phone to check the next step in the recipe. Thankfully, Petal Search’s voice search tool can come to your rescue.

In addition, a picture speaks a thousand words and sometimes you may be so intrigued by an image that you want to trace it to its source. With Petal Search’s visual feature, you are able to do a search via images. Petal Search leverages AI to recognise objects in the pictures such as people, animals, landmarks, products, recipes and more. 

4. A secure search experience
When using a search engine, you need assurance that your information is safe and secure as you are dealing with personal details such as banking details for shopping, or location tracking. With Petal Search, you can browse in Safe Search and Incognito modes for privacy.

Petal Search uses industry-leading privacy and security technologies to ensure users’ privacy and security. The search engine is compliant with security policies, laws, and regulations in South Africa.

Overall, Petal Search is an awesome tool and search service because it provides a more convenient and enjoyable search experience. Download it today on HUAWEI AppGallery and get exploring on the web by accessing it via the home screen widget.

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