Monday 14 December 2020

#TheLifesWay on @Youtube #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #Youtuber

 Hi Friends, 

2020 saw an increase on Youtube as I thought of moving from writing blog posts to video creations but this process is still in the making but overall I got these amazing results from the Youtube email which I received as a content creator on the platform - 

  • 235 minutes of new content 
  • Gained 576 subscribers
  • Gained 315,249 new views
  • Viewers spent 159,785 minutes watching my videos in 2020
  • Received 46 Comments
  • Shared my videos 536 times
  • My 75 videos received 6,192 likes in 2020

#TheLifesWay on @Youtube #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #Youtuber

Let's continue to create new content on a daily basis and I have a lot of historical technology which I want to showcase on my channel. Surely, once I start receiving the new gadgets before their launch I can schedule my videos to go live on the same day of the launch event just after the completion of the launch event. Let's see what happens but this is going to be my goal in 2021. 

#TheLifesWay on @Youtube #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #Youtuber
I am sure I will be able to make my own fan following in 2021 and also learn a lot of SEO optimization as currently, it's not the case on my channel. I want to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of video watch time to cross the monetization threshold in 2021. I need your support and I hope to do so by creating some of viral videos which can be shared again and again. 
#TheLifesWay on @Youtube #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #Youtuber
On this journey, I am going to make mistakes and learn from you guys, but keep appreciating my efforts and give me the power to entertain you on the go. I am still in the finding myself phase where I am not sure of which language to create content in and what to focus more on - travel or technology or launch events. This year was awesome for me based on this Youtube performance email and looking forward to creating something unique in my own voice which will be liked by you all in 2021. Have a great holiday and festive season! Take care and wear the mask to keep you safe and others too!

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