Friday 11 December 2020

#HuaweiPay is About to Make Life Much Simpler for @HuaweiZA Users @ZapperTM

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Who can imagine a life without their mobile phone? They are our constant companions, ensuring we stay in touch, informed and entertained. They also help us manage our daily lives, with calendar and notepad functions, as well as food delivery and banking apps.

Knowing how integral your phone is to every aspect of your life, Huawei has now taken that convenience a step further with Huawei Pay, their mobile payment service.

Likun Zhao, Vice President at Huawei Consumer Business Group for Southern Africa, says, “We are proud to launch Huawei Pay in South Africa in partnership with Zapper. With Huawei Pay, you add your bank cards to the app and then pay in stores simply by scanning the Zapper QR Payment Code on the bill when you check out. All local debit and credit cards from all local banks are supported. It’s a simple and convenient payment solution that we know will make the lives of South African consumers easier.”

Brett White, CEO of Zapper notes, “Huawei is a favourite among a large portion of smartphone owners in South Africa and equipping them with access to Zapper’s scan-to-pay platform will empower them to make fast, safe payments across the country. We are in the business of facilitating transactions and by putting the Zapper solution in the hands of millions of South African consumers, many more merchants can now also confidently offer cashless transactions. It is clear this partnership is a win for the local mobile payments market and we look forward to continued innovation together.”
#HuaweiPay is About to Make Life Much Simpler for @HuaweiZA Users @ZapperTM
Huawei Pay is a digital wallet that helps you buy everything from your groceries at your local supermarket to your guilty pleasures at your favourite department store. It also eliminates the need for bulky wallets, which can not only be cumbersome but can also make you a target for thieves.

Huawei Pay is also secure. Every transaction has to be authenticated by your passcode or fingerprint and Huawei Pay receives the same fraud protection as you get on your bank cards. In addition, Huawei Pay doesn’t use your bank card number to handle transactions, it isn’t stored on your device or on Huawei Pay servers, and is not shared with merchants. Your information is also kept private, as Huawei does not keep the transaction details.

Huawei Pay launched in SA on 3 December 2020. To start your Huawei Pay journey, simply download Huawei Wallet from HUAWEI AppGallery. I will check it out once I have Huawei Smartphone in my hands which I don't have currently. 

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